How much do Toll Free Numbers cost in India

A toll-free number in India enables your customers to contact your business free of charge. A hassle-free 1800 number connects your business to your clients. A well-designed IVR greets your customer with a professional greeting on the India toll-free number. Toll-free numbers provide a smooth customer experience, and customer queries are resolved quickly. Knowlarity’s a cloud-based call management system provider that offers toll-free numbers with some impressive features, such as CRM integration, call tracking, call masking, call routing, sticky agents, etc.

Benefits of Indian tollfree number

Better business presence

Building your business presence through India toll-free number leads to better customer outreach. Through the India toll-free number, you can reach out to your potential customers without any hassle. You can keep your business operating 24 hours a day. Toll free number allows you to enhance your business’ growth and productivity by improving customer experience.

Enhanced customer service

You can increase your business’ efficiency and provide excellent customer service by using an India toll-free number. Your customers will be able to memorize your business number instantly if you give them a personalized vanity number. Automate your IVR to route your calls to the right agents and departments.

Round the clock availability

Missing business calls because of time constraints are not an issue when you have a toll-free number. Using a toll-free number in conjunction with an IVR keeps your active business 24X7 regardless of the time of day. So you can stay in touch with your customers even after office hours. Moreover, all this can be done while chilling at home since you can map your agent’s mobile number behind a centralized toll-free number.

Effective marketing campaigns analysis

Because of their nominal cost and brand image, toll-free numbers are one of the best campaign analysis tools. Managers can use 1800 tollfree number to measure the performance of their paid campaigns by attaching different tollfree numbers to them. The campaign that receives the most customer calls will be the best-performing campaign and vice versa.

Toll-free number cost depends on several factors, such as the number of agents you intend to use to answer the calls, the number of minutes you need (approx.), and the features you require. It costs around 2000 INR per month to use Knowlarity’s toll-free number. Please click here to find out more about this plan.

Integrate cloud telephony with the tools you use

It is not necessary to stand out when making calls. You can unify all customer information by integrating CRM, ERP, Helpdesk software, apps, and websites. All of the major communications tools can be integrated with our solutions.

An 1800 number is actually a Toll-Free number, so you won’t be charged for the call. A toll-free number with an IVR costs around the same as an 1800 number.

How to Choose a Toll-free Provider

In this lesson, you learned what a toll-free number is, how it works, the types of toll-free numbers, and how you can use them. After you have been convinced of its benefits, the next step is to find out how to get the best toll-free number for your business.

When making this decision, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The following points might differ depending upon your business needs, but a few things you must consider are:

This number will be your brand’s identity, and so you need to put the best foot forward before finalizing the number. To start with, check the variety of toll-free numbers a service provider can offer.

Features of Toll-Free Number Solution


Answer every customer query with the IVR’s multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with your customer.

Call Recording

Automatic call recording enables you to listen to and analyze them to understand your customers better.

Call Routing

Call routing enables the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call routes to the free agents to reduce customer wait time.

Those days are over when Toll-Free Numbers were only used as contact numbers. With the evolution of the cloud, toll-free numbers have become toll-free solutions that not only allow you to make calls but provide you with a comprehensive set of telephony tools to manage your communication. With this solution, you can do everything from creating a brand presence to applying call intelligence.

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