You’d be frustrated not to track down Atlanta granite counters in pretty much any advanced kitchen nowadays. Furthermore, it checks out, truly; stone areas of strength are sturdy, made to endure, loans a dazzling stylish to any kitchen, and arrive in a variety of varieties to match pretty much any stylistic theme. Yet, how much are stone ledges? In this cost guide, we’ll give you all the data you’ll require to choose whether to place stone ledges in your kitchen, and the amount you can hope to pay in the event that you do.

The amount Are Granite Countertops?

Rock ledges cost about $3,300 overall, or somewhere in the range of $2,000 and $4,500 for most positions. The bigger the chunk, the more you’ll pay for it, since things like the heaviness of the section and removing defects in the stone will be considered. One financially savvy choice is to introduce rock tile rather than a strong piece. Since tiles are comprised of a lot more modest bits of stone, they’re impressively less expensive than a section. Likewise, they can be introduced over a current ledge.

Rock Countertops Price Per Square Foot

In the same way as other home improvement projects, the area of the ledge is one of the biggest elements to consider. Most workers for hire will provide you the stone ledges cost estimate per square foot, which ordinarily falls somewhere in the range of $40 and $100 per square foot. Then, obviously, there’s work to consider, which can add about $35 to $85 each hour to the last expense. Thusly, the stone ledges cost you’d pay for a terrific, open kitchen is considerably more than that for a little washroom.

As may be obvious, the rock ledges cost per square foot changes decisively. That is on the grounds that there are a few interesting tones and examples that can be substantially more costly than other, all the more promptly accessible, pieces. Blue Louise, a lovely blue stone, and Typhoon Bordeaux, an appealing blend of red and pink, are two instances of top-of-the-line rock, which have a cost of $65 to $100 per square foot.

We’ll discuss explicit stone choices further down. The accompanying table shows you the ballpark rock ledges cost for a few normal establishments.

Stone Countertop Price by Type

As referenced over, one stone piece isn’t be guaranteed to equivalent to another like aa granite.There are a few choices that are more uncommon and hard to track down. In that capacity, you’ll follow through on a greater expense for every square foot for those stone ledges choices. So assuming you’re thinking about how much rock ledges are, make certain to counsel our rundown underneath that contains a portion of the present most well-known stone decisions.

The Frozen North White

White with streams of dim and brown, this alluring stone has turned into a staple thanks to the all-white kitchen tasteful. You can buy this stone for about $40 per square foot.


This famous decision highlights whirls of appealing dim green close by traces of dark and gold. It offers an emotional expression in a kitchen and looks perfect with dim, rich cabinetry. Ubatuba stone runs about $60 per square foot.

Silver Cloud

Cloud-like twirls of dark and white give this stone its name. This is a well-known decision, masterfully appropriate for both dull and light kitchens. The expense per square foot for Silver Cloud stone ledges is $55.

Outright Black

This strong dark stone, obtained from India, makes a lovely, emotional assertion. It looks similar to ledges. You can hope to pay $40 per square foot assuming you decide to introduce Absolute Black stone.

Dark Galaxy

Spotted with sensational traces of shimmering bronze, Black Galaxy is one of the present most well-known decisions for rock ledges. It’s on the expensive side at $70 per square foot.


A smooth blend of light and dim tones, Solarius is another very normal stone decision. Its solidarity is that it skillfully coordinates with pretty much any bureau variety you could envision, highlighting various tones like yellow and dark. Solarius rock runs about $60 per square foot.

Crema Bordeaux

This secretive stone contains traces of pink, brown, dark, and gold, making it an incredible choice for maple cabinetry. Considered a somewhat more intriguing choice, Crema Bordeaux is one of the more costly choices at $80 per square foot.

Blue Louise

This shocking, blue-toned stone isn’t one you’ll ever forget once you see it. It loans a fun-loving yet exquisite energy to any space, and is one of the most costly sections of stone that you can purchase at $100 per square foot.


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