How is a baby carrier different from a sling?

Two different variants have prevailed for carrying babies: the baby carrier and the sling. Both have very different characteristics. best wearable blanket for baby carriers can prevail over the slings, especially in one point. They are much easier to put on.

If the stretcher is already used in the first months of life, it is usually strapped to the chest. However, baby carriers are designed in such a way that the child is not quite as close to the body as is the case with the slings.

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Whether a baby carrier is perceived as pleasant depends primarily on whether it suits the child and wearer. Thus, very different systems have prevailed here. While the area your baby is in is usually soft and elastic, the straps are quite stiff. They should thus offer the necessary stability.

Use in different positions

In order to offer you the highest possible flexibility, most baby carriers are designed in such a way that you can carry them not only in one but in different positions.

While you use the baby carrier as a belly carrier in the first months of life, you can strap most models later on your back. The baby carrier back carrier is particularly suitable if your child is already older.

From a certain height, it becomes uncomfortable to carry the child in front of the abdomen and chest. This is where the back carrier can be helpful. Furthermore, there is the baby carrier as a hip carrier.

In general, you should only use both the back and hip carrier when your child is able to hold the head independently. Many children also find this holder a little more comfortable, as it is of course accompanied by more flexibility for the child and does not restrict the range of movement so much.

Baby carrier with squatting spread posture promotes healthy skeletal development

When buying, pay particular attention to the fact that the baby carrier is offered with a squatting spreading posture. As a result, healthy development of the skeleton is promoted in the first months of life and possible malformations are prevented.

By the way, when you pick up a newborn, it automatically adopts this posture. The legs are tightened and the back is rounded. At the same time, the gripping reflex is used, which allows the baby to try to hold on when carrying.

Incidentally, this attitude has developed evolutionarily over the centuries. Today, human babies are generally considered to be carriers. In evolution, it has simply been found that the chances of survival are the highest as a result.

Advantages and disadvantages of the baby carrier

If you are unsure whether a baby carrier is a right choice,best outdoor baby swing frame it is worth taking another look at the general advantages and disadvantages. Compared to a stroller, the stretcher is much easier to transport and takes up less space. In addition, you have your child directly on the body.

We summarize the advantages and disadvantages for you below:


can be easily created

very stable

compact and space-saving

can be used for a long time

usually allows different wearing variants

prevents postural errors

ensures good weight distribution

avoids problems with safety and resilience


for newborns even with use not optimal

The baby is not as close to the body as with the sling

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