How Effective Plastic Postcards And Direct Mailers Are?

Direct mailers and plastic postcard mailer aren’t the only efficient marketing method for acquiring customers to reach specific groups due to a variety of reasons. In today’s digital world when the effectiveness of direct mailers is combined with beautiful plastic postcards, businesses have the benefits of leaving an impression on their target audience, along with amazing results.

The increase in the use of clear postal cards and direct mail is not something new. At various points during the digital age many debated whether or whether both channels would last into this new century. But, with the variety they can offer via newsletters, brochures and magazines catalogs, catalogs, and so on both types of communication have proven themselves to every kind of business.

We will attempt to dispel the mystery of direct mail and postcards made of plastic efficiency, we’ll dissect the matter into two components. How Effective are Plastic Postcards and Direct Mail are? Part 1 will concentrate on the advantages of both and how effective Direct Mail and plastic Postcards Are? Part 2 will focus on the factors that make them an effective element of advertising and marketing strategy.


According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA) 65 percent of buyers make their purchases because of the deep and intuitive impressions that tangible objects leave on the mind of the individual. This highlights the necessity to employ a Professional Direct Mail Service Company to bring your company in contact with potential customers.

What’s shared in postal mail as well as direct marketing via mail are that the two require the sending of a physical piece of marketing material to customers’ homes via courier services.

Each is a unique method to reach out to the intended audience, and can be extremely effective in promotional occasions, deadline offers and urging recipients to act quickly. Both continue to thrive in the world of marketing since their benefits can’t be ignored.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of using plastic postcards for direct marketing via mail as well as some of its benefits.


Businesses are always seeking ways to make themselves known. Plastic postcards have an astounding 24% better responses . They’re simple templates that meet the needs of marketing and reflect the essence of businesses alike. The cards that can be detached extend the lifespan of services offered and allow for extended expiration dates, and also extend the mail’s accessibility.

The process of creating plastic postcards entails selecting the ideal size by using variable data printing relevant, colors, research, concise formats and providing a clear call to action.


  • Attracts Attention- Digital printing in full-color performed through professional printing firms permits the inclusion of content that includes structured information, feature description and benefits, as well as discounts, special offers location, contact information that is appealing in a visually appealing manner.
  • Durability High-gloss pop-outs with laminate finishes cardstocks made from plastic are designed to endure all the wear and tear that comes with post processing equipment, ensuring that the business messages are delivered in a safe and sound manner. The information is sent to the recipient in perfect condition, reducing the need to redesign information due to travel obstacles.
  • CustomizationClear plastic postcards provide a distinctive and distinctive feel that helps an impression increase the retention rate. The simple customization allows for pocket-friendliness with unlimited possibilities. Make sure it’s “printed message is effective and has the message you want to increase the response rate and boost sales. “
  • Suitability: Plastic postcards that are regular in size can be used by any business looking to start the following: reservations for calls special announcements for the launch of brand new ventures, grand openings, grand openings, trial records, gift certificates, among others.


Research suggests that people are far more likely to read direct mailers than unsubscribed email. As per Intelligent Insights the average email open rates is 23.67 percent, whereas direct mail is able to support seven times the open rates and email is barely getting by with just 24 percent.

Direct Mail Marketing and Advertising AMENITIES:

  • Customer-Orientedness- Metrics show that customizable direct mails include embedding images, addresses, and barcoding to ensure that the message can be directly mailed to the target customers through courier, post office, fax, or email. These channels eliminate the need to hire intermediaries and boost direct distribution & contact.
  • Security Direct mail cards of the present incorporate magnetic stripe encryption to ensure the reach of destination. The messages that are sent can be tracked, measured and can trigger personalization.
  • Mapping and Profiling. Direct Mail includes mapping and geo-targeting mailboxes by refining the data and unlimited email delivered to targeted groups segmented.

The above-mentioned features strongly suggest that direct mail on plastic postcards for marketing and advertising is vital since they can provide numerous advantages to small and large companies. Amerilist Printing is a highly experienced printing firm that is able to design distinctive plastic postcards and direct mailers for your company by focusing on establishing long-lasting relationships with your clients.

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