How can I Lawyer Help in Filing a Petition for PFA?

Domestic violence is a matter of concern all over the world and the US is no exception. No one has the right to threaten you through his or her acts. To eliminate the torture completely, protection from abuse (PFA) has been laid down. Anyone, who has constantly been harassed by someone, can file a petition against the abuser. It is suggested to click here and hire an attorney, who is well versed in the entire procedure. You should know that you can file a petition without an attorney but to file an error-free petition, you should hire an attorney.

Attending the court hearing

The court will allow the final hearing on the protection for abuse filing and it is a formal court proceeding. By having a lawyer on your side, you can feel more confident and avoid being nervous in front of the judge. During this meeting, the judge will expect you to follow all the guidelines and rules in court, which you may not be aware of. A lawyer will help you act in the right manner so that any violation in court can be avoided.

Facing the consequences of the petition 

This petition is a serious matter because you are alleging someone for threatening you. If you have filed this petition with the help of a lawyer, you will have better chances of getting protection. The lawyer knows the consequences of filing such a petition falsely. The judge will also have a positive viewpoint about the petition if you have hired an attorney. Moreover, you should be concerned about your children and your lives. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is the best way to deal with it.

Getting the approval

There may be two outcomes of the petition. In the first hearing, the judge will approve the petition and the defendant will not be present in the court. The judge will agree with everything you have mentioned in the petition that you have dangers from the alleged person.

In the second hearing, you will have to prove the threats from the abuser and may even need to produce the supporting document. Your lawyer will play a vital role in this matter because the petition may get rejected if the facts are not in your favor.  He can question the abuser and present the facts in the most convincing manner.

If you want to file a petition for PFA, you should contact a lawyer today!

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