With a hoverboard today you are spoilt for choice. There are now a variety of different devices. You will find hoverboards in different sizes. More important, however, are the safety, the range, the battery life, the charging time, and the maximum speed.


The hoverboard appeared for the first time in the film “Back to the Future II”. Today, the device is often referred to as an e-board. It has performed very well in various tests. Find up-to-date information in our guide.


The most important in a nutshell


  • A hoverboard is a skateboard that is electrically powered. The hoverboard is not comparable to a kart. It can be operated without much effort. However, a handrail is missing, so the balance itself must be maintained.


  • A hoverboard is also known as an e-board, electric board, and mini Segway. If you are looking for a hoverboard on the Internet, you can try these alternative names.


  • The hoverboard is legally considered a motor vehicle. Therefore, you are not allowed to use it on footpaths and cycle paths. However, there is no legal regulation for driving with a hoverboard.


In the trade, you will meet a wide range of different manufacturers and brands of hoverboards. These differ in terms of functionality and price. If you opt for a cheap hoverboard, it does not necessarily have to be worse than the hoverboard test winner. Comparisons for hoverboards have shown that the best hoverboard for girls with the best features wins.


But what are they? And is it legal in Germany to be on the road with a hoverboard on sidewalks or even in traffic? What are the current regulations? Use the extensive information from our purchase advice to make the right purchase decision without any problems.


Who invented the hoverboard?


Who invented the hoverboard, that can not be clearly clarified to this day. Patents are pending in the USA and China. For example, in 2013, Chinese entrepreneur Shane Chen launched an advertising campaign for a device called Hovertrax. An e-board called Smart S1, on the other hand, was developed in China.


How a hoverboard works


A hoverboard has no handlebar compared to the kickboard, kart, and Segway. Thus, better keeping of the balance is required. Beginners should train their sense of balance during the first rides. Hoverboards are powered by an electric motor. This motor receives energy from a rechargeable battery.


When the battery is fully charged, the board can be operated for up to three hours. Below the tread, there is a sensor that triggers the driving movements. The driver must steer the hoverboard through the weight load. In addition, many hoverboards are equipped with Bluetooth. You can also connect the hoverboard to your Samsung smartphone. No special hoverboard from Samsung is necessary for this.


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