Holistic Medicine Man John Kelley and Celebrities Tim Regan and Steve McQueen

Hollywood stars Tim Regan and Kelley are not the only celebrities to turn to the Holistic Medicine Man for treatment. In 1980, Steve McQueen sought treatment from Kelley, a Holistic Medicine Man, for his inoperable mesothelioma. Conventional treatment did not work for McQueen, and he was falsely diagnosed as being in remission. In fact, his illness never responded to conventional treatments and he died after undergoing an unorthodox operation. Today, Kelley’s regimen is sought by many terminal cancer patients.

Tim Regan

A Connecticut jury recently found Tim Regan guilty of rape and kidnapping. The case sparked outrage and protests around the country. The former Holistic Medicine Man served 12 years of a 15-year sentence and was released from prison in August. Regan’s sentence was halted after the statute of limitations ran out. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released on $350,000 bail. Regan had been arrested for rape and kidnapping two women and stalking a third. He was sentenced to 15 years in Connecticut prison, which is concurrent with the 12 years he spent in New York.

Although he had been convicted of sex-offence, Tim Regan attended his father’s living wake and early Christmas party where he sang “So Long, Farewell” with his grandchildren. The family then carried him to the second floor where he closed his eyes and lay down. While Honor is confident that she gave her father the end he wanted, she questions whether he would have wanted it differently.


A student of the ancient traditions of the Kallawaya in Northern Bolivia learns about the healing powers of herbs and plant medicines from a professor at Columbia University, Alex Pekov. Suxo spends most of his time teaching in Bautista Saavedra, a small village just outside of La Paz. On occasion, he travels along the ancient Inca trail to Cuzco, the legendary capital of Bolivia’s former empire. Suxo often teaches small groups of people interested in embracing these holistic skills.


John Kelley, MD, practices holistic medicine. He views each patient as a unique individual with a mind-body connection. He combines evidence-based Eastern medicine and natural supplementation to improve his patients’ overall health. His background is extensive and includes study in Portuguese and Spanish. He earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia and completed his residency at St. Anthony’s Family Medicine in Westminster, Colorado. Kelley is also bilingual.

Dr. Kelley received his doctorate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000. The school offers a four-year doctorate program in naturopathic medicine and traditional western health care standards. He has studied with some of the leading practitioners in both fields, including Dr. Tim Binder, ND, DC, LAc. While he is well-versed in the practices of both naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine, Kelley continues to study under the best practitioners in the field. He attends more continuing education than required to keep his license.

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