Hiring an injury lawyer in Huntington Beach? Look for these traits!

If you have suffered injuries in an accident because of the other person’s fault in Huntington Beach, you would be entitled to compensation. California laws are meant to help claimants, but before you file a lawsuit, it’s important to lawyer up. With numerous law firms around, how do you choose one? Below are the traits to look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer Huntington Beach. 

  1. Quick to respond. A good and experienced injury lawyer knows the value of time, especially when the accident has just happened. As such, you should expect a quick response from the attorney’s office. You will meet the lawyer (or they may come to see if you are seriously injured) to discuss the case. 
  2. Experience in handling complex claims. Personal injury law covers different types of accidents, including medical malpractice. If you are hiring an injury lawyer, make sure that they know your case and have experience working on similar cases later. 
  3. The injury lawyer has been to trial. Most PI lawsuits don’t go to court because a trial would cost a bomb to both sides. However, in some cases, this could be necessary. A seasoned injury lawyer is someone who has experience working on previous cases that required a trial. 
  4. They can do a thorough investigation. An injury lawyer is expected to investigate the case, gather information and details, and help the client in coming up with a strong legal strategy. When you meet a lawyer, ask them if they can help with all that and have a team to speed up the work. 
  5. The lawyer would be fair, honest, and transparent. No matter the circumstances, an injury lawyer will never exaggerate your claim or use unfair means to overestimate your losses. They will explain what the case is worth and will also share their fee structure. Most PI lawyers in California take a contingency fee, and you don’t have to pay them upfront. 

Finally, a competent injury lawyer is always a good listener. They will talk to you, determine the possible obstacles in the case, and answer all your questions. Don’t hire someone who is extremely busy or wants to settle for the first offer. Your lawyer is expected to fight for you and should be a good negotiator and mediator. If needed, you can also ask the attorney for a few references or just check on Google for reviews and client testimonials.  


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