Hiring A Lawyer When Facing Drink Driving Charges

Facing the consequences of being charged with drink driving can be more than many people realise. As well as potential jail time, there is a fine, community service, possible counselling and your license is impacted. Even after those consequences are done you still have to face long-term effects such as not being able to get the kind of job you want, judgement from your community and more. That is why when you are charged you should find an expert lawyer drink driving clients recommend, and one that has specialised in the right area.

Finding a good criminal lawyer

You want a lawyer, Melbourne based or local to you that knows the criminal legal system very well and that means experience. Being a local lawyer they will better understand the local system and should have strategies to help minimise or even remove the consequences you are facing. That means that you would choose better if you spend some time doing a bit of homework and researching the options you have. Make sure they are criminal lawyers, local, have experience with your particular type of case and so on. They should have a great reputation as being highly professional and competent lawyers.

There are really three main ways you can look for names, asking someone you know, looking online, and looking through a local business phonebook. With the first, you would need to know someone who has been charged with the same or similar charge types and they got good results with the lawyer they used. A lawyer drink driving clients would recommend and who was good at communicating and such. Then you could check the phone book for local legal firms and make sure they handle criminal law cases and are not divorce lawyers, tax lawyers or some other type. You could also look in local papers too, checking local ads.

Then there is probably what has become the more popular way to get any information or answers nowadays, looking online. You can easily define your search so it brings up names that are suited to your needs and location, drink driving lawyer Melbourne, or criminal lawyers Melbourne are two possibilities. The great thing about websites is you can check services, experience, and get an idea of whether they are potential options or not quite quickly. Some will even have fees and such listed. You can also use the internet to make sure they are licensed lawyers and have a good reputation.


When you have a list of possible law firms who do take clients facing drink driving charges you can then look through them and narrow it down till you find one you can afford. You might want to have a shortlist of 3 or 4 and visit each of them to see how you feel about them if you want to make sure you feel you can be honest with them and that they have your back.

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