Google allowing users to take control of Android TV with new remote

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Since a mobile phone has become an important gadget that people always carry with them, installing an application on your mobile device that works like a TV remote control will make your life easier. It is always nice and easy to use a single universal remote control device to control all your electronic devices. Our Android spying expert says this free, powerful, and functional universal remote control app will make your life easier.

The remote control for all TVs is simple and easy to set up and use. The mode of operation is exactly the same as the TV remote control. Universal Free TV Remote Control for any LCD device app is easy to use. It’s always convenient to use a single universal remote control device that controls all your electronic devices. This is the only Android Universal TV Remote that can do this while controlling any other device. The only universal smart remote control you will need for TV and home electronics!

The remote control connects easily to almost every smart TV brand such as remote control for Samsung TV, remote control for Sony TV, remote control for LG TV, etc. It supports some of the leading brands for TV Remote, including Skyworth TV Remote, Fast, Panasonic, Xiaomi TV Remote, and so on.

Google has announced that all phones and tablets running Android 4.3 or higher would be able to be used as a remote control for Google TV. Google first announced the forthcoming availability of Android mobile remote support for Google TV at the Google I / O conference in May, but this capability has just recently been added to the app.

The Google Home Remote feature is currently only available on Android devices, but its final launch on iOS devices could be a much more useful addition. Android users already have the option to use quick settings tiles for remotely controlling other devices and software through the Google TV app. iOS users, meanwhile, do not have access to these simple features that are available to Android users. Unfortunately, Google has not yet announced when the new Google Home Remote feature will hit iOS.

Swipe over the bigger touchpad interface, instead of tapping on the DPad is used for navigation. There are buttons at the bottom of the touchpad that resembles the physical remote’s back, Home, and Google Assistant shortcut buttons. There’s also a button to switch on and off the TV, and we’ve seen when the volume and mute buttons display while using the remote to operate the projector on the Android TV. Similarly, when required to input login credentials, for example, a keyboard appears immediately.

The new built-in remote control feature, which will allow users to control Android TV, Google TV, and other devices such as the Nvidia Shield directly from their mobile devices, has been spotted by 9to5Google and can be activated simply by clicking on the “Remote Unlock” option in the lower-left corner of the application Google Home.

Our TheOneSpy Android remote monitoring experts, who have thoroughly gone through the latest development, say that when this function is activated, users may swipe over a huge touchpad interface and set the “Back,” “Home,” and “Google Assistant” shortcut buttons on the digital screen, similar to how a normal Google TV remote control is designed.

When requested to search for login credentials or titles, the digital remote readily provides a keyboard, as well as an on/off button when using the device as a remote control.

Google is now only offering the Google Home Remote function on Android devices, but the firm plans to release it on iOS shortly, which will be even more suitable because Google already allows a similar feature on the Google TV app.

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