Get A Mountain Or Road Bike Fitting Before Your Biking Holiday

There is a lot to be said for cycling as a form of exercise and as a way to meet people and you can even go on biking holidays with them. Whether you are the adventurous type on a mountain bike heading out cross-country and having nature or building stamina and speed on the roads, it is great fun and a great workout for many people. Get a rush, build stamina, do something easier on your joints and cover more distance than you can on foot and see somewhere from a different perspective. Before you do that though it is important to make sure you are best suited to the bike, either before you buy it ideally, or when you notice discomfort because you didn’t look into a virtual bike fit session before.

Tips when booking a cycling holiday

There is a lot to think about when booking a cycling holiday as well as buying a bike and having a road bike fitting. You could opt for a larger company, offering these kinds of vacations is a popular thing nowadays and you will find a lot of options. You might find prices are better though if you opt for a smaller company and you hopefully will get better personal service too. You can compare them online or get in touch and ask questions and compare that way. You could also do this through a bike club. Whether in person or online, a cycling club is a great way to meet people and you could together arrange a cycling holiday.

If you are considering this seriously then really think carefully about your destination. Cycling in your home country is not the same as cycling internationally, the climate and so on are different and you will need to adjust. If you are an advanced mountain biker you could do great with your group heading to the Alps but if you are a road biker you might like the coastal rises on a Greek island. Just make sure you dress appropriately and get enough water.

Getting ready for your amazing trip

If you are concerned about your fitness but you want to head out still or don’t want to be left behind by your club you can train for your holiday. It is good motivation to push yourself a bit more when you are out and to improve your experience in certain things. Remember it is more about endurance rather than speed though there may be a certain distance expected to be achieved for each day.


Just imagine you have had a virtual bike fit and are comfortable on your bike, so you can meander along a pine forest trail in Germany or breathe in the sea air on the trails of Cyprus. With a bit of homework and a bit of training beforehand you can have an amazing adventure while doing what you have come to love with people who share the same enjoyment in cycling and want an adventure with you!

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