Gas Cookers in Kenya – Tips to use Gas Cookers

Using a gas stove for the first time can be daunting, but most modern gas stoves have electric ignition which simplifies the process. One of the main advantages of a gas stove is that you can continue to use it even if the power fails, simply by lighting the match. Other reasons people choose a gas stove over an electric stove include better control of temperature and flame intensity, more even heating throughout the utensil, less heat spread through the cooking, a flame and faster cooling when the flame disappears.

A gas cooker is a household appliance that mainly uses LPG for cooking. It consists of a burner and an oven for the installation of cooking equipment. There are usually two main types of gas stoves, which are stand-up and table-top gas stoves.

How to use the gas cooker?

Using a gas cooker requires more accessories than a gas cooker alone. It is mainly gas cylinder, gas pressure regulator and gas hosepipe. The pressure regulator connects to the cylinder and the hosepipe connects the cooker to the regulator and thus the gas cooker is ready to be used.

How a gas cooker oven works?

Gas cookers kenya have an electric ignition that produces a small continuous flame that increases the temperature and height by turning the knob on the front of the burner in front of the area being used.

When you turn the knob, the electric current heats the oven burner and opens the valve to allow gas to pass through the burner tube.

The igniter ignites the burner and inside the oven and the built-in thermostat measures the temperature of the oven in use.

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