Garden pump and what can it be used for?

The engine of the garden pump shall be powered by petrol or diesel or electrically

The advantage of a garden pump with a petrol or diesel engine is that you do not need a power connection nearby. So-called fuel engines for the garden pump are powered by gasoline or diesel without choice products 4000l these garden pumps are immediately ready for use with the fuel and can be easily refilled. However, they are often louder than, for example, electric garden pumps with batteries.

Electric garden pumps receive their power supply via cable, battery, or solar. With a garden pump with a power cable, a power connection nearby or a long power cable is necessary. Although a power cable is often perceived as disturbing, continuous operation of the garden pump is possible, for example for an irrigation system or a lawn sprinkler. As an alternative to the power cable, a garden pump with battery, among others from Einhell, Güde, or Bosch, or a garden pump with solar is available. The batteries for the garden pump are charged in a charging station. As a rule, a garden pump is equipped with two batteries. Depending on the performance of the batteries, the runtime is limited. Two batteries with 1.5 Ah (amper hours) can run for about 30 minutes, and two batteries with 6.0 Ah for about 100 minutes, is specified in online tests for garden pumps. Continuous operation of the garden pump is therefore not possible.

The advantages and disadvantages of a garden pump with a battery are:


  • no annoying cable
  • Long battery life possible
  • easy handling


  • not for continuous operation
  • Batteries must be charged regularly
  • Limited battery life

If you want to operate the garden pump with solar, best garden hose then you will receive a mobile solar panel that you can connect to the garden pump. However, the performance of the solar panel is limited and especially recommended for small garden pumps.

Below we compare the characteristics of the different drive types for the garden pump:


+ without annoying cable

+ without power

– not for continuous operation

– often noisy

Power cord

+ quickly ready for use

– power connection is necessary

– cable can interfere


+ easy handling

– needs to be charged

– limited runtime


+ environmentally friendly power generation

+ mobile use

– only limited runtime

– solar panels must be purchased separately

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