The Gan 365i2 and RS models of this popular puzzle app are great options for people who want to keep track of their business performance. These apps can teach you to solve a puzzle, track your progress in real time, and participate in online battles. Both have Bluetooth connectivity and come with a charging stand. The GoCube has a sleek charging stand that mimics the look of a pair of headphones. The Gan 365i2 is also available in a white version with a black face.

RS model

The GAN 365 RS cube is a great value for your money. It has great corner cutting and layer movement. The cube has good layer movement and is splittable into two or three pieces. However, manufacturing of this model has stopped, and the manufacturer no longer produces them. It is possible to find a used version of this cube on cubelelo. To remove the caps on the sides of the cube, you can use your nail to pry them off. The yellow GES will also need to be replaced.

The GAN 365 RS is a modern speedcube that utilizes the same high-end technology as the GAN 365 S. It is one of the most popular cubes on the market, but its price is a little lower than its predecessor. However, it doesn’t come with extra GES-nuts, and uses yellow springs to represent medium strength. This model will become obsolete in 2020.

This 3×3 cube is a new addition to the line and features a brand new magnet replacement system. This system allows you to change the strength of the magnets in the edges and corners in less than 30 seconds. You can choose between medium, weak, and null magnets. It will be a pleasure to play with the GAN 365 RS! So, what’s next? There are many great options available.

S model

The first 3×3 GAN cube was the GAN 356R. The 356R featured a unique magnet replacement system, the GAN Magnetic System, that allowed you to swap the strength of your corner and edge magnets in less than 30 seconds. It also featured strong, medium, and weak magnets, as well as a null magnet. This was the first model to offer factory magnets, so you could choose the strongest one for your needs.

The 357 cube was a large cube with 8 GAN 3×3 storage boxes, designed for the 2×2 player. It was a popular cube of the time, due to its light turning. However, it didn’t gain the popularity of the Moyu AoLong, due to its lack of flexing edges and numerous ridges on the pieces. The 357 didn’t gain widespread popularity as the Moyu AoLong did.

The GAN-MP has a higher uniqueness rate than the GAN-ICSD and GAN-OQMD. This difference is most likely due to the bias of the training sets. The training sets contain predominantly ternary compounds, which tend to generate higher-quality samples. Similarly, the GAN-OQMD model tends to produce tertiary compounds. In both cases, the resulting model can be used to predict the structure of a range of chemical compounds.


There are two versions of the Gan 365 RS: the 3×3 version and the 3×4 version. Which one is right for you? Which one can you afford? Here are the pros and cons of both. The first one is better for beginners, while the latter can be used by more experienced climbers. The third model is a hybrid of both. In this review, I will explain the difference between the two, and discuss the differences between them.

The newer version of the GAN 356 R comes with an upgraded IPG V5 core and the GES v3 numerical tension system. This feature makes it easy to manipulate and maintains the muelle height at 0.6 or 0.8 mm. The GAN 365 RS is sold without a remote control, which makes it easier to operate than the previous version. It has six different colors on the exterior. Although it may be pricey, it does have some benefits.

This speedcube has fewer upgrades than the other two, but its main advantage is its smoothness. You don’t have to worry about a bumpy ride because this model is easy to mount. It also comes with an option to mount it with a pudelka for easier access. However, this version of the GAN 365 RS does have one less GTNow than its predecessor, and that can affect the stability of the cube.

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