Follow These Proven Tips For AZ-400 Exam Preparation

Becoming a DevOpsEngineer expert through the Microsoft AZ 400 examination is not easy. The examination requires intense preparation, a lot of time, and effort. Needless to say, candidates who are passionate and serious about earning the certificate should follow appropriate methods. This includes having accurate information about the syllabus and using the right tools to study for the exam. 

In this article, we have mentioned all the necessary tips that will help the candidates ace this microsoft azure certification. 

AZ-400 Examination Format

Total questions 40-60 questions
Duration of the exam 150 minutes
Exam format Multiple choice questions
Negative Marking No
Passing score 700 or more
Examination language English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), and Korean
Registration fees USD 165

AZ-400 syllabus details

The syllabus for AZ 400 certification examinations includes: 

  • 5-10% – Development of Instrumentation Strategy
  • 5-10% – Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy 
  • 10-15% – Develop a security and compliance plan
  • 10-15% – Manage source control
  • 10-15% – Facilitate communication and collaboration 
  • 20-25% – Define and implement continuous integration
  • 10-15% – Define and implement continuous delivery and release management strategy

Proven tips for AZ-400 exam preparation

Create a strong study plan

Creating a strong study plan does not merely involve studies. It also includes self-care. By self-care, it means not burning oneself out, taking a spaced amount of breaks, and genuinely enjoying the process. Create a list that consists of both long-term and short-term study goals. This will not only make the journey less overwhelming, but it will also add some fun. Rewarding ourselves for successfully completing each milestone also subconsciously encourages us to do more.  

Choose the right study resource.

Self-study can be ineffective when candidates don’t utilize their resources the right way. Therefore, joining some good online courses is always beneficial as they provide a structured pathway. In addition, the study materials will be easily accessible, so we won’t have to spend hours researching a topic. One can also choose an az 400 Microsoft course, which will direct us on the right path to earning the Azure certification. The course is offered as both free and paid versions.  

Taking up the practice tests for az 400

Practice tests make one familiar with the type of questions asked in the az-400 practice tests. It helps you to analyze where you stand in the race. One gets the opportunity to focus more on the weaker areas and build them up during instructor led Microsoft training. The practice tests are typically given using software that mirrors the real-time examination. The benefits of taking a practice test include – efficient time management, calming our anxiety, and helping us evaluate ourselves better.

Avoid getting anxious or stressed

Though a bit of stress helps us stay on track, too much of it can ruin our mental and physical health. This is why students preparing for the azure training should follow the basic stress-reducing habits such as

  • Setting realistic goals
  • Efficient time management 
  • Avoiding falling into the trap of perfectionism
  • Exercising on the regular basis
  • Prioritizing the important tasks

Other Azure certifications

There are several azure certifications available for tech aspirants. For example, Microsoft offers around 15 certificates divided into 4 levels of expertise – the fundamental level, associate level, expert level, and specialty level. AZ 400 falls under the expert level. This certification opens the doorway to several job titles and handsome salaries. Moreover, it can also be beneficial to earn other certifications such as AZ 303. Refer to the table below for some other azure credentials.  Read more about azure vs AWS

Fundamental Level 
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900
Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900
Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Azure SC-900
Associate Level 
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate DP-203
Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate AI-102
Microsoft Certified: Azure Stack Hub Operator Associate AZ-600
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate AZ-204
Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate DP-300
Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate AZ-500
Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ 104
Expert Level 
Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-305
Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert AZ-400
Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty AZ-120


While preparing for exams, it is very common among students to be harsh on themselves. They often set high, unrealistic goals for themselves, only to feel guilty and disappointed. It is the consistency in actions that help to reach set goals. So, candidates should focus on making the most of the resources while preparing for the AZ 400 exam.

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