The term turn-key Gisborne builder means a builder who takes on the whole constriction of the home from start to when you can put the key into the front door of your newly completed home. There are some significant advantages in choosing this kind of builder so here is a look at what those are and what questions you should be asking to find the best you can.

Why choose a turn-key builder?

This option when you are looking at what builder Gisborne to hire makes sense because it takes a lot of worry off your shoulders and you do not have to deal with anything or manage the stress that comes with trying to run the project yourself. The builder handles everything from the start of being hired, to the construction and then leaving the home completely at a move-in standard. They will apply for any permits, they will clear everything up, make sure the power, water and gas are connected, and so on. These are not things all regular builders will automatically handle. They will have all the small details taken care of so that it looks great and everything is finished to a high standard.

Finding a builder and asking the right questions

If you have not had a lot of experience with builders then you might think that all builders would be just that. But in fact, most builders are not turn-key builders. A lot of additional details and hard work are what separates a turn-key Gisborne builder from a regular builder. If you want that in your builder then you need to ask certain questions to make sure if you hire them, they can meet your needs and deliver your dream home.


Questions that will guide you towards the kind of builder that you prefer are;

  1. Will you get the permits necessary to make sure the build is all above board?
  2. Can you provide an architect to help create house plans?
  3. Who will clear the lot of land so it is ready for building on?
  4. Who pays the subcontractors when the work is done?
  5. Will the outside be landscaped out the front and back?
  6. Will you put up the fencing around my garden?
  7. Are you licensed and insured?
  8. Can you give references?
  9. Can I tour any homes you have built?
  10. How often can I visit the house as it is built?
  11. How long does construction take?
  12. Who is going to oversee the build?

The above questions are some of the main ones to ask to cover the responsibilities a turn-key builder Gisborne will have, but if you have more then ask them! A good builder is happy to be asked anything and should have the patience to go through your list.


When you are looking for a home builder make sure when you get a quote and compare them, that they cover the same things. Ask for the quote to offer detail and have it in writing.


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