Fancy Khussa shoe designs for womens 2022

Khussa is one of the most traditional shoes in Asia, especially in Pakistan and India. Even these days, it is mostly adapted by females on special occasions; marriages. Because of the higher demand, it comes up with various designs.

Are you aware of the fancy Khussa designs?

In this article, we have compiled various Khussa designs popular these days. You should check them out and choose the best design for you. All you need to do is, stay with this article from scratch.

Here’s your destination.

Best Khussa Shoes Designs 

Check out the five best Khussa designs appreciated among people and highly in demand these days.

Embroidered Khussa

It comes up with a catchy design, pearl, and dabka work that gets the attention at first sight. Manufacturers also add laces on corners and edges to make it more attractive.

Printed Khussa

Upon analysis, it has been observed that printed Khussa are most selling. That’s because most of the girls’ dresses these days come up with printed designs. So, if any girl wants to wear matching shoes with a dress, it would be a good choice.

Prints might be of different types and designs, depending on your choice.

Plain Khussa

It’s one of the most common Khussa shoes worn by Punjabis. We recommend you wear it with shalwar kameez to look attractive and precious.

Punjabi Khussa

It is called the Punjabi Khussa because widely adapted by Punjabis worldwide. You can see that most of the wedding bridal and groom wear this Khussa design. It shows the popularity of the shoe and the reasons behind it.

It has been said that if anyone wants to increase the natural beauty look of her feet, wear the Punjabi Khussa.

Kolapuri Khussa

The Khussa was introduced by the people of Kolapur village in India. Historically, the people of this village were famous for manufacturing Khussa shoes of various designs. Kolapuri Khussa has much fabric work on it along with pearl and dabka. You might also see the small mirrors embedded inside the dabka.

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