Famous people have been known to write sad love letters. Here are some examples. Beethoven’s letter to the countess, Henry VIII’s to Anne Boleyn, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s to Calpurnia. If you are looking for inspiration for your own love letter, these examples are perfect. Whether your love letter is a short note or a long one, these sad love letters are sure to bring you comfort.

Beethoven’s love letter to the countess

The adagio sostenuto is a moving concert aria that was composed in the year 1801, eight years before the Immortal Beloved. It is notable for its emotional evocation and the use of sforzandos, or fast eighth notes in the right hand. The adagio also contains a number of accented notes and fast arpeggios.

Henry VIII’s love letter to Anne Boleyn

A study of Henry VIII’s letters to his wife, Anne Boleyn, shows that they are much more than the expression of his “softer side.” As a Catholic, Henry firmly believed in Arthurian honor, which meant that he would not marry his best friend’s wife. But despite the fact that he was a man of immense intellect, Henry was also restless, impatient, and hated to write and read letters. Henry’s secretaries had to beg him to read and respond to correspondence, or else he would wait until he had finished hunting.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s love letter to the countess

Despite the romantic portrayal of the couple in Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Countess of Monte Cristo, the letters do not reflect their actual relationship. In 1839, the two were limited to hugs and kisses on country walks and in their close friends’ parlors. Although this would appear to contradict their wholesome romance, the missing letters suggest other motives.

Pliny’s love letter to Calpurnia

It is possible that Pliny’s love letter to Calpurnia is not his only sad love letter. The first letter, dated 97 ce, was written when Pliny was forty years old and Calpurnia was fourteen. Although the age difference may have been an obstacle to a happy marriage, it does not seem to be a significant factor in the overall story. Nevertheless, there are several elements of the letter that make it particularly sad.

Parker’s drug abuse

When Maggie starts receiving romantic dreams from Parker, she immediately becomes suspicious. Parker notes that Maggie has been avoiding him, but Lucy has given them permission to date. They talk about how they feel like we are not enough for each other, and Maggie decides to investigate the fraternity house where Parker has been injecting himself. It’s clear that Parker is abusing drugs and hasn’t been telling her about it.

Chan’s death

A filmmaker asked Andrew Chan to write a letter to himself at age 15 after her sister died of a heroin overdose. The letter, which will be used in a drug education film, details the agony Chan has caused his family and what he missed most in prison. It’s a heartbreaking letter that highlights the power of love and the impact of imprisonment on a person. Here, Chan reflects on his life and writes about what he missed most while he was on death row.


The collection of Marilyn Monroe’s sad love letters has just been discovered and is expected to fetch a price of $1 million. Marilyn’s first husband, baseball star Joe DiMaggio, begged her to come home during a 1954 press conference. Their relationship ended in divorce, but Joe DiMaggio stayed faithful to his beloved wife. The baseball star wrote the famous actress several letters, including one to his ex-wife Marilyn.


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