Family Fun with TikTok: How to Make Use ChildProof

Beloved by Generation Z, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps of all time. Meanwhile, you can find content for many ages on the platform, romanticism paintings officially the use is allowed from 13 years. However, it is advisable to use the app together, especially to get started. Here are our tips for child-safe handling and family-friendly content on TikTok.

What is TikTok and how does it work?

TikTok is the new version of an old platform: Bought in 2017 by a Chinese company, it was relaunched in August 2018 under the new name. In short, TikTok is a video-sharing app that also allows you to record and share self-filmed short videos ranging in length from 15 to 60 seconds. The content is extremely diverse. In addition to cool dance videos, all sorts of trick shots are shown, comedy videos, lifehacks, or recipes. Many companies have already discovered TikTok for themselves, so there are also (partly hidden) advertisements on TikTok to see. What makes the app so popular is the fact that even users without a large reach can go viral with a video. Users can also reuse the content of others – be it sound or video – and create a response or their own video. This increases the feeling of a community.

Video editing is very popular

Of course, you can also edit and edit the videos in the app itself, use different effects or use the filters in the app to get a good result. For the functions of video editing alone, the TikTok account is worthwhile for many.

Child-friendly use of TikTok – Practical tips

Before you “let go” of your children on the app, you should see for yourself. This helps to better understand how it works and to become more confident in using the app. It makes sense to take some time to watch TikTok’s safety videos with the kids so that they can get to know the features and settings better on their own.

The algorithm determines what appears in the feed

Unlike Instagram, in your feed on TikTok you not only see the content of the accounts you are already following, but with the option “For you” you also have the possibility to watch only videos that the algorithm suggests. This poses a certain risk for use by children, because from time to time adult videos do not necessarily appear in your feed – despite the corresponding settings. That’s why it makes sense to train the algorithm – and best of all before you use the app with your child. Follow accounts that you find safe and explicitly give your likes to videos that you would watch with children. So you will usually be presented with similar content. There is also the option “Follow me”, in which only videos from the accounts you follow appear.

Companion Mode

If your child has their own smartphone on which you want to install TikTok, then the “Companion Mode” is recommended. For this you also have to install the app on your own mobile phone. Then you can make the appropriate security settings from the parent account. For example, you can control how long your child is allowed to use the app and which users are allowed to send him messages

Shoot and upload videos yourself?

Of course, some children eventually feel like shooting videos themselves and testing funny filters. There is the option to only download the finished videos and not publish them at all – this is probably the most child-friendly way. But if you want to avoid in any case that videos of your own children circulate unchecked on the World Wide Web, you should set the account to “private”. By default, a TikTok account is listed as public when you sign up, but you can easily switch to a private account through the privacy and security settings. Having a personal account means that you can approve or reject incoming requests from followers and that only users who have been approved as followers can see the content of the profile. Again, there are special settings in the companion mode.

It is also important to explain to children what can and cannot be shared in a video. Information such as full name, exact place of residence, street names or even telephone numbers should not appear under any circumstances.

Protection against cyberbullying

Even if your profile has been set to “private”, negative or even hurtful comments may appear under the videos. How do protect children from cyberbullying? Together with your kids, think about why the comments were written, what is really behind them and how best to deal with criticism.

Detecting deceptive advertising

As described above, there is now a lot of advertising on TikTok. Many of the large users with high reach are sponsored by companies and present products such as clothing or toys that are intended to reach a specific target group on TikTok to encourage purchase. Talk to your child about the use of advertising products and create awareness of sponsored and non-sponsored content. However, give them as much educational toys as possible to avoid them being in trap. You can buy learning toys for 3 year olds from the GIGI Bloks online store!

Family fun with TikTok: These accounts are recommended

Since TikTok is an app used all over the world, the users and Tiktokers have different nationalities and origins. The most famous, due to followers and views, are based in America, but also in Germany real TikTok stars have already established themselves.

The 22-year-old started TikTok in August 2019 and roshan new house since then his popularity has skyrocketed. Zarou is best known for his tutorial videos, in which he documents how he produced videos with special visual effects using simple means.

Drawing has never been so easy and fun! Christoph AKA condsty uses simple techniques to put real masterpieces on paper. The videos are captivating and you can’t get enough of it.

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