Exploring The Wildlife In Madhya Pradesh

India is home to such diversity when it comes to fauna and flora moving all around the country, from one region to the next. In order to see them, you can head to one of India’s many national parks, like Satpura National Park. Take a wildlife tour in Madhya Pradesh and you will be amazed. Here are four of the most popular options.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Established in 1968 this tiger reserve is named after an ancient fort that you can also see in the same location. The park forests are surrounded by mountains and high cliffs but in the park, it is tall grasslands and mixed flora including sal trees. It is a natural habitat for a number of animals, predators and non-predator, like spotted deer, spotted leopards, porcupines, sloth bears and the magnificent tiger. Visiting time is best between February and June as this is also the time when people can go on an elephant or jeep safari!

Satpura National Park

A Madhya Pradesh visit would not be complete without a trip to the famous and popular Satpura Tiger Reserve in Satpura National Park. Home to a huge range of animals and birds it is also a mix of sandstone peaks and ravines and lush forests with bamboo, teak and sal. While the tiger is the most hoped-for sighting amongst visitors you can enjoy many birds and animals such as antelopes, the Indian giant squirrel, marsh crocodiles, sloth bear, sambar and more. The best time to visit is November to March and you can choose from boat tours, jeep safaris and elephant safari rides.

Pench Tiger Reserve

As well as the Satpura Tiger Reserve, there is also the Pench Tiger Reserve divided by the river Pench into two sections. It is said to be what inspired Kipling for the great book, ‘The Jungle Book’. It has uneven terrain and a number of waterholes and streams with sheltered valleys, shrubs and deciduous forest as well as wild grass. Over 1200 plant varieties and plenty of animals too as well as the mighty tiger. It is one of the most popular reserves visited each year by many different kinds of people.

Kanha Tiger Reserve

The national park was formed in 1955 but the tiger reserve came a bit later in the early 1970s. The large area, more than 940 sq kms, includes rolling grassland, bamboo and sal forests, and pretty streams. There are a number of mammals, wild pigs, spotted deer, black buck, sambar, Barasingha and a lot of species of birds too. Travel to this park is best done between February and June when it is cooler. It is more comfortable and the animals are more likely to come out of hiding from the heat!


There is a lot to enjoy with the many national parks to visit in India. Hopefully, you will get a sighting of the tiger but even if you do not there is plenty to look at, experience, learn and do!

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