Exploring Options With Picnic Blankets

Do you love having a picnic? Enjoy being outside with friends and family or even just heading out by yourself, finding a place to enjoy nature as you have some food and breathe in the fresh air? Do you know what every great picnic needs? Well yes apart from that great food! A lovely picnic blanket of course! Here are some lovely ideas.


This company focuses on a collection of products that are about typifying a natural lifestyle but going beyond just utility to something more inspired. They use their inspiration from the Grampians region to create things to suit both an adventurous spirit and nurturing at the same time. From soft recycled wool tartan blankets to synthetic-free aromatherapy candles these are things you will enjoy or can gift to friends and family.

The Antipodean Collection Check Blankets

One of the blanket collections offered by GRAMPIANS GOODS CO is the Antipodean Collection Check Blankets. They use contrasting colour combinations drawing on inspiration from nature and the idea of light and dark within all of us. These blankets are soft and warm and are not fuzzy so you do not have any itchiness or shedding. They are great as picnic blankets or as throws in the home or wherever you want to keep a snuggly and comfortable blanket. They measure about 175cm by 157cm.

Wool Scottish tartan

Another collection of blankets they have is the wool tartan blanket collection imported from Scotland. They are 100% wool and are soft but still durable. What could be more rugged on a picnic than a tartan picnic blanket! Keep it in your car for when it gets cold, over a couch to watch TV under, or use for camping. Again these are not fuzzy blankets so you will not have problems with shedding. These too measure 175cm by 157cm.

Geelong Weaving Mill

Another company offering quality items including lovely blankets is Geelong Weaving mill. They make their items right there in Geelong, Australia and use wool and textiles only from that region. They have been around for more than 100 years. The company is committed to offering high-quality products designed and crafted by skilled and passionate Australians.

Rutland blanket

This great throw from Geelong Weaving Mill makes a great picnic blanket too. As well as being used to brighten up any home it makes a comfortable and attractive blanket to use when outside. It comes with contrast stitching and is made from 10% nylon and 90% Australian wool.


There are a lot of great blankets out there but all of them are also good for being used as a picnic blanket. You want something durable, comfortable and suitable to being outdoors. Something that adds to the experience of your picnic wherever you are heading, a local park, the beach, a hill or even just your back garden! Have a lot of people coming? Get more blankets!

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