The new EOI Modular LED street light delivers 85 lm/w fixture efficacy for optimal illumination of roadways and sidewalks. This high uniformity provides great comfort and safety for pedestrians and drivers. It also meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and IESG standards for energy efficiency. To find out more about this new streetlight, please check out this article. This article has been written to provide information on various modular led streetlights available in the market.

GE Lighting’s latest outdoor LED system

GE Lighting has expanded its range of outdoor LED luminaires with the introduction of its Odyssey controllable fitting. This new lighting system brings the performance, reliability, and energy efficiency of GE’s LED luminaires to an outdoor environment. To learn more about the benefits of Odyssey, please read the complete product information sheet. This guide includes installation instructions, product specifications, and a video explaining the benefits of LED lighting.

GE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor lighting. Since 1962, GE has been at the forefront of LED lighting. Researchers at GE invented the first visible LED and quickly became a leader in lighting systems design. GE’s latest outdoor LED products include the Evolve(tm) LED Area Lights, which offer energy savings of 30 percent over traditional metal halide lighting. Evolve(tm) LED Security Light is another outdoor lighting product that offers energy efficiency and offers various photometric options for different outdoor locations.

GE’s Evolve family of outdoor LED fixtures features a reflective design that minimizes glare. They are available in a wide range of CCTs to meet different needs. The Evolve LED Roadway Luminaire also features a modern design that integrates a heat sink directly into the unit, thereby prolonging the life of the LEDs. These fixtures also have a 100,000-hour rated life, resulting in lower energy consumption. These LED lights can be used in a variety of locations, including commercial spaces, parking lots, and public places.

EOI’s new Modular(tm) LED streetlight

EOI’s modular LED street light is an energy-efficient street light that offers 20 to 120 LEDs with a 30-280W output. This new luminaire replaces HPS lamps, which typically run between 70 and 600 watts. This high-efficiency luminaire delivers a 50%-60% energy savings and provides excellent uniformity for roadway illumination, enhancing the comfort of drivers and pedestrians alike.

EOI’s LED Street Lights have already been installed in major cities and counties around the world, including California and the Economic-Technology Development Area in Taiwan. The company’s SL3c series LEDs are lightweight, efficient, and use the best components. EOI has no intention of sacrificing quality for cost. The e-lite star roadway lighting products feature thermal technologies, which allow them to withstand a wide range of temperature conditions without premature failure. This results in longer-lasting streetlights.

EOI is a vertically-integrated company focused on LED traffic signal lighting, automotive lighting, and street lighting. The company strives to create innovative energy-saving products that meet or exceed customer expectations. This means it can offer the most competitive prices on the market. In addition, the company offers engineering design, development, validation, and manufacturing services. To learn more, visit EOI Pioneer Inc.

HPWINNER’s H series streetlight

The T31A Series LED street lights from HPWINNER are the next generation of modular LED streetlights, bringing the world of outdoor lighting to a new level of versatility. Built upon an aluminum backbone rail, the lights’ modular light engines feature full optical distribution and lumen packages for maximum value, application efficiency, and future scalability for roadway and area lighting. For more information, visit

The T31A series uses Lumileds LED modules, which feature patented flip-chip LED packaging technology. Lumileds flip-chip technology has been developed to eliminate the use of metal bonding wires, ensuring superior heat dissipation. In addition, the LED modules have a metal core PCB, which minimizes the risk of string faults. The T31A series also offers high reliability and cost competitiveness.

The H series is also incredibly durable, thanks to the IP68 rating of the internal LED. The H series’ IP68 rating means that it can withstand dust and water, and the LEDs have a long service life even in high-impact environments. This is a significant benefit, particularly when considering the price tag of LED lights. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, this LED streetlight series is ideal for public and private sector installations.

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