5 Elegant wrapping ideas for small gifts boxes

Gift wrapping is an art and not every person is fond of it. Those who are interested in wrapping gifts themselves for their loved ones keep on implementing new innovative ideas to make their gifts look more enticing and striking. A vast variety of gift wrapping ideas is full of inspiration. Whatever the occasion, like a birthday party, bridal shower, Christmas, New Year, wedding, etc., You can decorate gifts accordingly to make them look inspiring to the recipient. Wrapping the gifts and adding something more to their décor doesn’t take much of your time but provides a feeling of pleasure and happiness to others.

Wrapping papers, tags and ribbons, etc., are the common things used for this purpose, but you can adopt more special options to leave a good impression. Some of the elegant wrapping ideas for small gifts are listed below:

1: Apply glitter To your Gift boxes

Small gift boxes can be creatively decorated using glitter. Once you have covered your gift with plain paper, apply glue all over it using a brush. Before the glue gets dry, dip the brush in glitter and apply it to the surface. It will stick to the already applied glue. Allow it to dry. You will see that it will acquire a beautiful look. For more decoration, tie some ribbon and attach a tag to it.

2: Give some natural touch

If you want to give a delicate feminine touch to your gift, you can add natural flowers and leaves. Once you have wrapped your advantage, collect some beautiful flowers and arrange them to make a small bouquet. Tie some ribbon or lace around the gift, and the till will also support the flowers afterward. You can make a bow from it as well. Once your gift becomes wrapped in a gift box, place the flowers on it so that some big green leaves cover the base of the flowers. This can provide a more stylish look to your gift. Use flowers according to the seasons; if it is winter, use conifers and if it’s spring, then you have a large variety of flowers available like cherry blossom, rose and jasmine, etc. Find seasonal flowers and make them the ornaments for your gifts. Keep the wrapping simple by using twine and brown paper to the delicacy of flowers.

3: Use different colored yarn

The exciting idea is to use yarn in various colors and tie them around the gift. This will give you a design similar to the following picture. The best way to make this design prominent is to use simple cardboard paper to wrap the gift and decorate it using multi-colored threads. Make a cardboard box buy from the market or use the leftovers of some cardboard packaging at your home. A secret of its beauty lies in the knots, which need to be perfectly aligned. Mix the colors according to your choice. You can also create a rainbow out of it. Another fascinating idea is to make a woven grid using colored twines. The thicker the yard is, You can make them more beautiful design. In a woven grid, use two distinct colors, and make them intersect each other to create a woven pattern. Hide the knots on the back side of the gift using colored tape.

4: Use a decorative fabric

  If you want to switch from traditional gift wrapping ideas, the best way to enclose your small gifts is to use a decorative fabric or a handkerchief and wraps the gift inside it, as shown in the image. Cover it carefully, so the material does not fall off and covers the entire gift. If you use plain cloth, decorate it using different embellishments or paint it as you want. It will give an excellent and innovative look different from traditional gifts.

5: Making versatile bows

Instead of using a ribbon bow bought from a store, you can use different bow styles using any ribbon present at your home. For making a classic simple bow, place the face of the gift downwards on the ribbon in its center. Wrap the two ends around the facility. Now flip the gift by pulling the ends. Tie a knot and make two ear loops. Cross them over each other and make it tight. In addition, you can arrange the ribbon in different ways to obtain versatile bows. You can also g for a flower made from a ribbon. Make the ribbon shimmery and attach a tag according to a color scheme. It is easy, exciting and practical and requires a little practice.

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