How to Download Instagram Profile Picture of Any Account


Instagram was launched as a photo-sharing app that became a hit in no time as people were using Facebook at that time to share their social lives.

Being an app dedicated just to pictures garnered a huge among of users from Snapchat as well. As the photos from snap do not stay for more than 24 hours.

Downloading Instagram DPs or Profile Pictures

A lot of time you came across a certain profile with an oh-so-inspiring profile picture that immediately caught your attention and you ultimately want to download it. But, Alas! Instagram does not provide any such option.

Even if you click someone’s photo it does not open on the smartphone application but it does open in a very short and rounded format on the desktop. That is of little to no value as the quality and size are not worth downloading.

Best Instagram DP Downloaders

There are a huge amount of Instagram downloaders whenever you search on Google but most of them are stories or video downloaders. A lot of them don’t offer profile pictures downloading.

Here I will list three different types of Instagram profile picture downloaders that will ease your problems:

Insta Zoom

InstaZoom is a website which is use for downloading full-size Instagram profile pictures.

  • Go to
  • Enter the username of the targeted profile
  • You will see the profile picture in its original form and in quality
  • Click on download and save it to your device.

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This is an apparent new tool in the arena with its features and functions the same as InstaDP. Use the below-mentioned steps to download the Instagram profile picture.

  • Go to IZUUM.con
  • Enter the URL of the targeted profile
  • Click download to save the profile picture

Insta DP Viewer

This Website will allow you to watch the pictures in high quality and full form. Follow these simple steps to download your desired profile picture:

  • Search for the Instagram profile picture you want to download.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the search bar of Insta DP Viewer.
  • You can now watch the picture in full form.
  • Download it on your device by clicking the button located next to the image.

How can I view someone else’s profile pictures?

The answer is No! You simply cannot view someone’s profile picture if it is set to private and even if it is public you will only get a glimpse of the little rounded version that is available for everyone to view.

To view the full profile picture you need to follow the above-mentioned directions to download or view the full Insta DP or profile picture.

What is the Best Option?

Indeed, Instazoom is my best choice because it will let you download the profile pictures just by entering the details of the profile it will also let you zoom in and zoom out of the photos without ruining the picture quality.

Instazoom is easy, fast, and reliable, and it does not take much of your time. In a few minutes, you have your desired profile picture.

Is it ethical to download profile pictures without consent?

This article is all about downloading informative or copyright-free images that do not portray any kind of damage to an individual. Downloading somebody’s profile picture to bother or blackmail them is not the purpose of this article and we won’t support any such derogatory acts.

To download someone’s picture and use them for some other purpose is considered a crime in a court of law. Although, the profile pictures of your fav movie, quotes, famous personalities, and celebrities can be downloaded. If they are copyright-free and you won’t intend to misuse them.

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The profile picture of a favorite pet, car, scenery, or aspiring leader can be downloaded from the Instazoom Website or any other Website mentioned above.

The high-quality and full form of videos will instantly make. You appreciate the Website’s performance that all other Insta downloaders cannot do.

My personal preference is none other than Instazoom due to its easy user interface. Less time-consuming than other Website or apps available on the internet.

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