Cutting Trees Into Lumber – A Great Supplementary Income

You might not realise it yet but cutting down trees on your property and elsewhere is not just something you can do as a hobby and for your own lumber needs. You can earn an income from this with a chain sawmill and some hard work. It can be in addition to how you make money already, or it can be something you do full time even. Everyone needs lumber, decking, cabinet making, furniture, buildings and more all use it. Therefore there will always be people wanting a good sawyer.

Rather than buying why not build

A lot of people are discovering they cannot afford real estate that is already on the market, so one option they have available to them is to build. Building your own home, in some areas a log cabin style build has become quite popular and it means wood is in even more demand. More are moving back to times when homes were more rustic, some of the work is done themselves with, in part, a chainsaw mill, and they are smaller too. More are choosing pieces of property that have a lot of trees on them and then using a portable mill to cut the trees and turn them into lumber to then sell or build a home.

What kind of production can you manage?

A lot of people might wonder just how much you can produce with a portable chain sawmill. Really this depends on a number of factors, how physically fit you are, the type of sawmill you buy, and the type of wood you use to turn into lumber. For example, just one tree the Southern Yellow Pine is about 16 inches in circumference and 32 foot long. This would give you about 416 board feet of lumber. If each piece of lumber sells at between 45 cents to 75 cents then that one tree could earn you an income of $312.

More useful tips

If you are thinking of getting a portable chainsaw mill and want to make some money from the lumber you produce there are a couple of things to consider. If you intend to use some of that lumber yourself to build your own log home you need to have it inspected as you build to make sure the lumber and the build pass all the requirements and codes that are in place. If you think there is a chance you are going to be doing more than just using the mill as a hobby then get one that has some useful features including hydraulic loading. It makes it easier and ups your production. Also remember that trees are or should be renewable resources, when you cut and use a tree you could plant one too in an area on your property where you do not mind them growing.

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