You might have seen the course of my Instagram that I’ve recently returned from a lengthy week at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco. Spa days as well as quad biking, horse riding and other things aside (that’s for a different blog post) I was completely amazed by the intricate patterns of tiles and patterns.

The tiles were vibrantly painted everywhere you went on floors, walls and even up the stairs and more. It was not only the designs of the tiles. There were amazing mosaic patterns as well, which included tiles of various shapes, such as tile with fishscale that were arranged in tiny alcoves or triangular rectangle square, star-shaped and quatrefoil-shaped tiles which are arranged in geometric designs.

With all the gorgeous vibrant colors, intricate designs amazing archways with curved curves is no wonder that Moroccan design is popping up everywhere in the globe in the world of design.

In the wake of this renaissance, Moroccan inspired interiors are becoming popular throughout the home including bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens, hallways and hallways.

It’s no surprise that one of the simplest and most efficient methods for you to present this concept is with tiles. I hope that some of these images will inspire you to incorporate Moroccan inspired interiors in your home! fashioncushion


The appearance and style of Moroccan Tiles is dated back prior to the 8th century at a time when Islamic artists were in need of something to decorate their tiles that didn’t portray living things in accordance with the religious beliefs. The designs made were painted onto ceramic tiles. These tiles later made their way to Spain which made them an iconographic object.

The name given to the pattern that is associated to The Moroccan theme is Zellige. This pattern is a masterpiece of care to detail, making it stunning and exotic.

Color and Pattern

The color of the tile you select is an essential element of creating the Moroccan style.

Moroccan tiles are a popular choice, taking design inspiration from the surrounding environment with lots of ocean blues as well as desert dusky oranges and reds.

The most distinctive characteristic in it is its shape. Moroccan tile is its design or shape.

Moroccan Fish Scale tiles slowly making through the contemporary interiors of in the present. Emily Henderson has incorporated them wonderfully in this contemporary bathroom: seafiremedia

Modern Style

If you want to completely adhere to the Moroccan theme, then you’d normally choose an abstract tile repeated in patterns. In modern interpretation it is possible to be more tolerant with the tiles you choose while still staying true to the original. Contemporary Moroccan tiles are combined with contemporary pieces to create the perfect blend of modern and old.

A focal tile that uses traditional colours and patterns can be used in conjunction with modern color palettes, and still maintain that Moroccan theme. If you stick with the traditional forms and patterns of the tiles, you will achieve a more secluded Moroccan style in your house.

Consider them as basis for a project. The foundation is vital for the achievement of the remainder aspects of your plan. Tiles are an essential element for your Moroccan theme and its history, they’re the main design element that you must center your entire design around the tiles. Finding Moroccan tiles today is extremely simple and when you pair them with other elements of the interior, like intricate textiles or metal pieces of art You’ll surely achieve a stunning design.

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