Considerations When You Need A Lawyer

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer Melbourne based? Do you have legal questions for them? Are you seeking representation? In order to find a potential lawyer, there are some things you should look into and research first, so you can find the best lawyer you can afford.

Your right to silence

It is important that Australians realise that their right to silence is recognised in federal and state courts as a common law right. It means you can refuse to answer informal questions the police might have, you can not participate in an interview or make a written statement until you have consulted with your lawyer. The onus is then on the prosecution to prove the guilt. Choosing to exercise your right cannot be viewed as being a sign you have something to be guilty of. Anything you reveal whether officially or unofficially can be used against you.

The search for a lawyer

If you do not already have a theft crime lawyer you can call on then you need to try and find one. There are a number of options, while you might first go ahead and look online, there are also avenues such as looking on phone books, asking people you know, looking at paper ads, even looking at local courts. Look for someone with specific experience in the crime you are accused of and check they are a member of a legal association as that indicates a good standing among other lawyers.

Meeting with those you like

A good thing to do if possible is when you have a list that has just a handful of names, then visit each of them to get a feel for them and ask some questions. A lawyer Melbourne located might even offer free shorter first visits. Talking to them is a great way to get an impression of how they will be to work alongside. Do you want someone who is more compassionate or more professional? Do you feel you can be honest with them? Do you feel they are judging you or talking down to you?

Questions to ask

When you have it down to two or three you can then start asking more specific questions of the theft crime lawyer such as;

  • Will you be working with them or someone else in the firm?
  • How long have they been practucing law?
  • Do they have enough staff to represent you?
  • Are they able to devote enough time to your case?
  • Do they charge by an hourly rate or a flat fee and will there be additional costs?
  • Do they have experience in court?


When you need a lawyer there are a few things to think about in order to narrow it down to the best for you, and to find one that is the best you can pay for. Remember your right to not answer questions until you have spoken to a lawyer. It could play an important role in your case.

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