Conditions You Might Not Know A Podiatrist Can You With

You might have heard of a podiatrist already. This is a doctor who has specialise in the diagnosing and treatment of issues that affect people’s lower legs, ankles and feet. When a person sees a podiatrist Northcote it can be for all kinds of reasons, diabetes problems, skin disorders, bone problems, nail infections and issues, ingrown toenails, circulation problems, sprains, breaks and more. Here are some of the things they can help with.

On your feet all day?

Some people have busy lives and jobs where they have to be on their feet for hours at a time. This is hard on your feet. You are coming home kicking off your shoes in relief and sitting down exhausted and in pain. A podiatrist can help you with this. They are not saying you should quit the job, but there are things people like factory workers, nurses, doctors, hairdressers and so on can do to help with this aspect of their work. Seeing a podiatry Northcote expert they can advise on better footwear, exercises you might try while at work to help ease the ache and tension, massages you can get, and other therapies that can help with puffy feet, swollen ankles and tense calf muscles.

Helping people with diabetes

When you are diabetic, whatever type, you need to pay special attention to your feet. When you are not managing your sugar levels well there are all kinds of consequences that can happen. One of them is poor circulation and that can mean slow healing and the formation of ulcers on your feet. This is not just an issue because they look bad. They are also painful and a risk. Infection happens a lot more with diabetics and that has been the cause of many amputations in diabetics.

When you see your podiatrist Northcote you should tell them if you are experiencing any particular problems. You should also visit at least annually for a foot exam. When you have scrapes, cuts or grazes, ingrown toenails and such you need to get them treated by a professional. As well as treating the problem they can talk with you about things like specially designed footwear, activities and exercises and also techniques to use to protect your feet.

Knee issues

While a podiatrist mostly focuses on lower limbs, feet and ankles they will help with things to do with your knee such as osteoarthritis for example. This is something caused by aging and wear and tear when the cartilage around the knee is damaged. It causes pain, affects your mobility and you can even have the alignment of your leg affected. When you work with a specialist you can help with things like strength building and more.

Trimming toes nails

Some people can also see an expert in podiatry Northcote for things like toe nail cutting. A large percentage of people do not correctly cut their toe nails, and a foot specialist can. It is better they do it than you having to suffer from things like ingrown toenails, ulcers, bone infection and such when people are not doing it right and then ignore the results.

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