Comprehensive Guide to preparing for Microsoft AZ 400 certification

Microsoft Azure certification is growing in popularity every day. If you want to work with this platform, you must pass the AZ 400 exam. This could be a daunting task, but there’s no cause for worry! We are here to help. In this discussion, you’ll be guided through the procedure for preparing for the exam and will be given some tips on succeeding. before getting started, let’s take a look at the basics and prerequisites of this exam. 

The past few years have seen fundamental modifications in almost every aspect of this model to cope with the constantly changing business environment. DevOps was one of these changes. It has only been a short time since the public cloud providers have recognized DevOps as a viable software. 

The new role-based Microsoft Azure certification, and Azure DevOps Solutions, are among the newest qualifications available. An exam dubbed “AZ 400” enables professionals to become Azure DevOps engineers with Microsoft approval. And this post is written for candidates who wish to perform well in the AZ-400 examination and achieve high scores.

Some of the topics you need to master before taking the AZ-400 exam are:

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Source Control
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Package Management
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Orchestration and Monitoring

AZ-400 Exam Prerequisites 

The objective of the certification is to assess a candidate’s DevOps knowledge and skills. The Certified Scrum Professional (CSSP) exam measures a candidate’s ability to design and execute effective processes that integrate people, processes, and technology for continuously delivering services and products that satisfy business objectives and user demands. In addition, these specialists must be competent in agile software development.

Further, they should have a basic understanding of management, development, and any of these areas in Azure. Candidates must acquire the AZ-103 or AZ-203 certifications to sit for the AZ-400 exam. Such professionals must be able to design and implement DevOps best practices for configuration management, version control, compliance, build testing, and deployment.

They should also be able to design and implement an application infrastructure that supports DevOps processes and techniques. Being able to monitor and optimize the DevOps solution is another requisite. And finally, they should be familiar with integrating third-party tools into the Azure DevOps solution.

Basics of AZ-400 Exam 

The AZ-400 exam code has the Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification. In addition, a candidate must have an Azure administrator associate or Azure developer associate certification to take the expert test.

The exam has a duration of 210 minutes, and it costs USD 165 to register for the test. The candidate can execute the DevOps Engineer Expert job role after passing the AZ-400 exam. The examination is now offered in English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Now that you know what is required to take the AZ-400 exam, let’s move on to how you can prepare.

How to Prepare for the AZ-400 Exam?

  1. Study through Microsoft Training videos

Preparation is key when it comes to taking any Microsoft Azure exam. The same goes for the AZ-400 exam. To pass this test, you must have a firm understanding of the content covered. Therefore, using a combination of study methods is recommended for the exam. This includes watching Azure training videos, reading blog posts and articles, and taking practice exams.

  1. Microsoft Practice Tests

One of the best ways to prepare for the AZ-400 exam is to take a Microsoft Official Practice Test (MOPT). Microsoft designs these exams to help candidates prepare for their Azure exams. They cover all of the topics you will need to know for the AZ-400 exam. MOPT exams are available for purchase on the Microsoft website.

  1. Join Online Study Groups

Another great way to prepare for the AZ-400 exam is to join an online study group. Several groups to this purpose, are available on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. These groups are a great way to connect with other Azure professionals studying for the AZ-400 exam.

  1. Azure white papers

You can see a variety of Whitepapers, eBooks, and other Microsoft course reports by going to the Microsoft Azure page and clicking on “Get More.” For AZ-400 exam preparation, you may legally download these documents using your Microsoft credentials.

Another great resource is the Azure newsletter, which you may access through their portal. You’ll get notifications about the newest Azure functions, community initiatives, and events if you sign up for this notification.


To become certified in Microsoft Azure, you will need to pass the AZ 400 exam. This article has outlined what you can expect from the test and how you can best prepare for it. Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether or not becoming Azure certified is right for you. Good luck with your upcoming exam.

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