Commercial Electrician—What to Know

A commercial electrician near me is licensed and trained to focus o electrical and wiring systems in commercial buildings and not homes.  They are the ones that work with bigger systems in places like restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, high-rises, and government buildings.  Although their training and jobs are similar to those that work in homes, there are some important differences.

There are many different things that a commercial electrician Bondi does when they are on the job site.

  • Maintain electrical systems
  • Install electrical and wiring components, like lights and switches
  • Diagnosing and fixing problems in electrical or wiring components
  • Inspect electrical systems to be sure they are up to code, safe, and work properly
  • Read and use technical drawings
  • Use and follow local, state, and national guidelines for electrical and wiring systems
  • Plan electrical systems for new construction
  • Lead teams of training apprentices and electricians.

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As a construction electrician, you would work indoors but you will spend a considerable amount of time in your work truck going from one work site to another.  Sometimes, if it is a big job or you are doing the electrical work for a new restaurant or shopping mall, you may be at the job site for several days or weeks.  It depends on the size of the job.  This work can be physically demanding so it helps if you are good in shape.

A commercial electrician Bondi will spend a lot of time moving around, standing, crouching, or trying to reach into small spaces.  It can be dangerous work so you need to be vigilant at all times.  Always make sure before you do any work that there are no live wires and if you are working on an electrical system, make sure that the electricity is off first.  If not, then you are at the risk of fire, electrical shocks, electrocution, and injury from equipment and tools.  Always make sure that you follow all safety regulations and use safety gear.

In most states, if you are a commercial electrician near me, the licensing is different for you than it is for a residential electrician.  For commercial buildings, power is three-phase and for residential houses, power is one-phase.  As an electrician, you will have to have a certain number of on-the-job training and hours of classroom training.  One way to get this is to go through an apprenticeship program.  The number of hours of work experience you will need will depend on the state working in a commercial setting.


Working as a commercial electrician Bondi, you will not work in residential homes but in commercial buildings like shopping centers.  The only exception to this is if you are hired to work as the electrician for an apartment building.  They are considered a commercial building and not a residence although people live there.

If you are considering a career choice, then this would be a good choice.  With so many commercial buildings going up, there will always be work for this type of electrician.


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