Do you know that Coca-Cola is named after the typical African tree?

A few of the first methods for Coca-Cola were created with the extract of the bitter Kola plant. Bitter kola, also known as Garcinia Kola or bitter cola is a plant that grows throughout Central as well as Western Africa that has for long been praised as a medicinal plant. While traditional African medicine makes use of all the parts that comprise the Bitter Kola plant however, the seeds are consumed regularly.

Bitter kola seeds are known for their bitter, sharp taste which transforms into a sweet taste when chewing and are often consumed in their raw form.

Health Benefits

Although bitter kola was consumed in Africa for a considerable period of time, scientists are just beginning to research of health benefits of Bitter Kola plant.

As evidenced by these initial studies, bitter kola could be able to help with health issues such as:


Bitter kola has been used in the past to combat illnesses ranging from common cold to Hepatitis. Recent research has shown that bitter kola may aid in fighting colds, bacteria as well as viral diseases. When the disease is first onset can aid in fighting the infection, and lead you to feel better quickly.


Bitter kola seeds are typically been chewed on in Africa to fight off fiery ailments like joint pain. In 2008, a study revealed osteoarthritis patients in their knees had reduced inflammation when they ate bitter kola as opposed to a fake treatment. The higher levels of potassium present in bitter kola could be a factor in decreasing inflammation.


The early studies suggest that there’s the chemical kolaviron is a good one. Although the initial study was conducted on rats , and hasn’t yet been replicated on humans These early findings have great potential.

Nutritional Values Per Serving

The FDA is adamant that bitter kola is generally safe to consume, but is classified similarly to vital oils. This means that there isn’t much information available about portions or nutrition information. However, a study from the past discovered that bitter kola is high in fats, carbohydrates, and protein, and fats.

The study also discovered that bitter kola has high levels of vitamin C and potassium, calcium as well as iron and caffeine.

Making of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola can be consumed in its entirety, raw and in the same manner like other nuts. Be aware that it’s called “bitter” to explain why. Bitter kola is mixed in taste.


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