Christopher Laird’s Most-Selling Orgin’s Series is Now Getting A Stage Play

Science fiction writer Christopher Laird is taking his best-selling ORIGINS series onto the main stage. Laird’s relatable, science-fiction novels have won the attention of many all over all across the U.S And readers are flooding in from all genres to enjoy his works. The work of Laird is attracting the interest of the science fiction community as well as influential circles. Because of the acclaim of his novels as well as the mysterious characters that is Xona Bari, experts in the field anticipate that he could be the entertainment industry’s next big name. The short story he wrote, “The True Meaning Of Christmas from the Perspective of an Alien,” a spin-off of ORIGINS, ORIGINS series, is being made into a stage show was telecast via pay-per-view on December 20, 2021.

The story begins in 1941, just two weeks following Pearl Harbor was destroyed. Pearl Harbor bombing. Xona Bari is an alien from the race known as Mykians along with Monty Herrshoff, her human boyfriend, are caught in a dilemma. Xona meets Monty in the near future, and has a unique present for him. Monty is a jolly person who is shy when it comes to women, asks Xona to keep her present for him until the time of Christmas. Xona doesn’t know what Christmas means and she asks Monty the meaning of Christmas through a series of tough questions. However, Monty can’t give a convincing explanation of what Christmas is , and Xona complains about him not knowing what the holiday is about. In this comedy about Christmas the two explore what Christmas means to two of them, and work out how to deal with Monty’s unique present. The show is expected to be a big hit, thanks to Xona Bari finally returning back to life for the fans of the show.

The production was written by Christopher Laird and produced by Volanda Harrison. The show stars the recording artist Isis Damil (Xona Bari) as well as recording musician NathanR (Monty Herrshoff). It also features Mia Frey (Barbra Sturgent), Mariah Patterson (Cafe’ girlfriend), William Estes (Cafe Boyfriend), Jeremy Francois (Cafe Waiter), Rahim Shahid (Security Guard), Vinny Multhaupt (Geoarge Sturgent), Corey Reiter (Sam Sturgnent), Glenn Szeman (Oaris) and David Symonds (Eddie).

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