Choosing the best Blanket has become this easy. Find out how?

Winter is here but it’s not too late to choose a cozy blanket that will keep you warm on cold days. A good and comfortable blanket is very important when it comes to a blanket that will be used with you for bedtime so that you can enjoy a warm and relaxed night. However, there are other types of blankets that can suit other uses. Therefore, on this page, we have gathered information for you about the different types of blankets and everything you need to know before you purchase a blanket.

Before choosing a blanket

Before we present to you the types of luxury duvet cover that exist today, it is important to pay attention to some general highlights and tips regarding choosing a blanket:


Choose a quilt in a size that suits your needs. For example, if you are looking for a quilt for the bed, it is advisable to adjust the quilt to the size of the bed (single, bed and a half, double, or king-size). It is recommended to choose a blanket with 40-30 cm of excess for each side of the bed.


If you are allergic, vegan, or have a preference for a particular substance, you should also pay attention to this when purchasing a blanket. As we will see below, there are blankets of different types of fillings as well as coatings from different materials.


It is important to choose a blanket that will suit the weather and the season, as well as one that will suit your sensitivity to the cold. For example, if you are not sensitive to the cold and you heat up quickly, you should consider purchasing a thinner and lighter blanket than a duvet, in order to sleep well and prevent sweating at night. On the other hand, if you are a liar, you should try a warmer and more insulated blanket.


Before buying a blanket, first, understand why it will be used by you because each blanket is suitable for different use. For example, are you looking for a luxury duvet cover that will keep you warm on the couch in front of the TV, a blanket that you will cover with at night, or one that will add a little more warmth to you?


Blanket weight can be important to many people, as this matter is particularly relevant to down blankets (which we will detail below). Some people prefer a blanket that will not weigh them down at night while others must feel the weight of the blanket to sleep well.


The price range varies between the different types of blankets. Also, the price depends on the material from which the quilt is made, size, and quality.

How about buying a Duvet Cover?

A duvet is a favorite blanket for many on winter days. Two types of luxury duvet cover must be distinguished: natural duvets and synthetic duvets, with the difference between them being an inverted filling. A natural duvet stuffed with feathers, which is the delicate part of the feather tip. The higher the feather density, the warmer the blanket. It also has a natural duvet stuffed with goose feathers or a combination of feathers and goose feathers in varying proportions. The more feathers the quilt contains, the heavier but cheaper it will be. On the other hand, there is also a synthetic duvet, which besides being cheaper than a natural duvet, it is also suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers. The best blankets contain soft microfiber fibers or holofiber fibers. There are also duvets filled with acrylic or nylon fibers, but they are considered to be of lower quality. In a synthetic duvet, the heavier the blanket, the warmer it is.

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