When a baby is coming it is something to celebrate with friends and family which is why people throw a baby shower before it arrives. This is also a chance to treat both the baby and the parents to some gifts to show them how much they are loved. Sometimes it is hard to know what to get for such an occasion. With so many great products from great options like Kiin baby, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Seven great gift ideas for varying budgets

1) A baby seat, pushchair or pram – These three things are going to be something any parent needs and there are some big names out there with big prices. If you can it would be great to help the parents by buying something for them like this but keep in mind most have a strong opinion on what type they want and what brand so check in before you buy anything.

2) Gift card – You could actually get two gift cards here, one for the mother, for meal delivery, for a place you know she enjoys spending at, or to get herself something special, and then something for the baby at a favourite shop.

3) Bath kit – Babies need a lot when it comes to bath time! Even if they are not washing in a smaller baby bath, they are going to need washcloths, brushes, lotions, shampoos, bath toys, and maybe a great hooded towel from Nature Baby.

4) Books – It is never too young to start with book buying. You can some fun ones that they interact with as a younger baby, and you could buy a lovely nursery rhyme book or something for parents and sitters to read to them. You could also the parents a parenting book you know they would be interested in, perhaps they have mentioned a certain approach to parenting.

5) A play mat and toy – When babies are young having a play mat is a great place to lay them down where they can at first look at things around them and eventually start to interact. If you know other guests will likely get them something more age-appropriate you could buy ahead and get them a fabulous stacking toy from Kiin baby for when they are ready to start gripping things and learning about the world.

6) Newborn picture holder – Parents can never have too many things for holding and displaying photos and mementos. There are some great frames, books, wall hangers and more where you can put in their firsts, or to create a family collage, and so on.

7) Baby hat and booties – You might wonder if you are not a parent why the fuss over babies having hats and booties. Basically they need help to keep warm when they are very young and also they can scratch themselves with their fingernails. Nature baby does some lovely choices as well as other clothing so the baby is protected, warm and looks great too!

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