Bernese Mountain Dog – loving cuddly dog in large format

The Bernese Mountain Dog is the right companion for you if you want it to be a breed with a slightly more leisurely temperament. The original breed name Dürrbächler, after a village in the canton of Bern, has not prevailed. Would the Bernese mountain dog have made the same career under this name that he looks back on today?


One thing is certain: tinkle bells for dogs his calm and self-confidence qualify him as a level-headed rescue and search dog. As a calm and people-oriented leisure companion, the impressive Swiss cuts an ideal figure.


From farm to scene favorite

In the rural environment of Switzerland, the Bernese mountain dog was widespread. There he guarded herds, houses, and yards; but its power was also used for use as a draft dog in front of milk carts. Since 1892, the breed has been systematically bred. In 1910, the Bernese mountain dog came to Germany and aroused the interest of dog lovers at a dog show in Burgdorf, Lower Saxony.


The character of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The character of the Bernese Mountain Dog radiates coziness, which is also reflected in its good-natured nature. Bernese mountain dogs are generally considered loving but are sometimes quiet. As a family dog growing up with children, the breed is rather not recommended. But in any case, do not spare caresses for the fluffy giant and do not leave him alone for long. The Bernese Mountain Dog can also be a surprise with its own ideas. On the other hand, the character of a well-behaved Bernese mountain dog is characterized by anticipatory obedience: the animal thinks along and instinctively makes the right decisions. Your life at the side of a Bernese mountain dog will certainly not be boring.

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Education and keeping of the Bernese mountain dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is not a lively sports cannon, but likes to move and needs a lot of exercises. Long walks are more his thing than never-tiring romping. It is ideal as a companion for extended hikes, but not as a sporty jogging or cycling partner. His hunting instinct is only moderately pronounced, agility sport is not for him. But as soon as he sees snow, the Bernese mountain dog can no longer be kept: he loves to romp around in winter.


In addition, he knows exactly what he wants. When he doesn’t feel like it, he deliberately puts his hanging ears on the pull and shows himself as a joker with a penchant for nonsense. When raising the Bernese mountain dog, you have to show consistency, empathy, and patience, even if the meek giant acts as a charming chaot. For the keeping of a Bernese mountain dog, your living situation is important: The large dog needs a lot of space. The ideal is a home with access to the garden.


Care of the Bernese Mountain Dog

In the cold, he feels comfortable, in the heat his coat of hair is a problem for him. To keep the coat of the Bernese mountain dog in order, food for your gsd you should brush it out at least every two days. When changing coats, daily brushing is recommended. The Bernese Mountain Dog only needs a bath in exceptional cases. Pay attention, especially in the young dog, to the composition of the food: As with other large dog breeds, the food should not be too rich in protein, as this can promote diseases in growth. Due to its size, the Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Stomach rotations, kidney failure, and an increased risk of cancer (histiocytosis, lymphosarcoma) are other diseases typical of the breed.

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