The advantages of LED High Bay fixtures include their ease of installation. Because they are designed to be simple to install, they require fewer tools for installation. These fixtures minimize the amount of downtime a manufacturer or warehouse experiences. Some manufacturers even custom-lengthen the power cord, so you don’t have to purchase a separate power cord. Installation is quick and simple with illustrated instructions. Read on to learn more about these benefits of LED High Bay lighting.


There are two ways to install a linear LED high bay light. You can use a chain or suspend it by the crossbar. Before installing, disconnect the power from the area where the light is located. On the back of the light, there is a junction box where you will connect the three wires that make up the unit. Black wires connect to live wires and white wires to neutral, and green wires are ground.

Another great way to install an LED high bay is to add a motion sensor to it. Motion sensors can also be used to control the brightness of your linear LED high bay. This will help you reduce the electricity you use and reduce your power bill. In addition, you can purchase a rebate-eligible model for your local utility. You can save even more money by installing an LED linear high bay! There are many advantages to this type of lighting system.


The UFO LED high bay light is an outstanding choice for a number of applications. Providing exceptional value and performance, the UFO features precision design optics, a variety of lumen outputs, and color temperatures. These fixtures are fully dimmable, and compatible with building controls, day light-harvesting systems, and other advanced technologies. LEDs provide superior long-term performance and low maintenance. The UFO also features two LED color temperatures, up to 80 CRI. A sleek and low-profile design makes this fixture easy to install.

LED lights can be installed in warehouses and other indoor spaces with high ceilings without using reflectors. LEDs require virtually no warm-up time, reducing the overall operating temperature, which can cut utility costs. The UFO LED high bay is a durable fixture made with durable materials. It can last for years, helping you cut down on electrical expenses. And the UFO is wet/damp listed, making it ideal for warehouses.


Eco Low-Profile Round LED High Bays are a great way to save energy and money while illuminating large areas. These fixtures are made of durable die-cast aluminum and come with a frosted polycarbonate lens. They are also ideal for large space applications because they are lightweight and have a wide mounting range. The round design makes them easy to install and are also available in multiple finishes. Depending on your requirements, you can even opt for local utility rebates if you purchase the fixture with DLC certification.

LED high bays provide uniform illumination with minimal glare. Different reflectors produce different lighting effects. Aluminum reflectors direct light to the floor, while prismatic reflectors create diffused lighting. Choose the right reflector for your application. To find the right fit for your space, visit a showroom. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re replacing fluorescent lighting, consider LED high bays. You can also retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures with extra-bright LED tubes or magnetic LED strips.


Dimmable LED high bay lighting is one of the best ways to save energy and money. They are extremely rugged and are an excellent replacement for 1,000-watt HID fixtures and multi-lamp luminaires. These LED high bays also feature Xi-Fi technology, which is an extremely powerful wireless lighting control system. Installation and commissioning is quick and simple. The light quality of these fixtures is excellent. You can expect them to last for a long time.

In dimming traditional high bay lights, the driver must be able to control the LED output voltage. To do this, it must be compatible with a 0-10 Volt dimmer. If you do not have one, you can check with the merchant for help. Some models are dimmable to 10% and others are not. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications and contact them directly for assistance.


A 100-watt explosion-proof LED a high bay fixture is an ideal option for hazardous locations. This high-bay light produces 8,636 lumens of illumination, and offers a T5 temperature rating, making it the perfect choice for manufacturing plants, woodshops, and other hazardous areas. Its explosion-proof design and T5 temperature rating make it safe to use in flammable environments. To learn more about the benefits of this product, click here to learn more.

The extreme series of explosion-proof LED high bay light fixtures use an aluminum alloy housing with ribs for additional cooling. This ensures long-lasting service. The unit’s electronic ballasts and high-quality LEDs guarantee a long life. It also features variable luminous flux and can replace up to 400W of high-pressure sodium vapor lamps. To find out whether a particular high bay light fixture is suitable for your application, contact ExSTREAM Lighting today.


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