A lot of people mistakenly think that all they really need to do to look after their teeth is to brush once or twice a day. But in fact, as well as adding flossing to your routine you also need to add in regular professional checkups. At a dental clinic in Indiranagar or one where you are, you can get proper cleaning and treatment when needed so that your teeth are clean, strong and healthy for as long as possible. It is a fact that we might take our children for check-ups more than we actually go ourselves. Then a dental emergency happens, which often is very painful, and you have to have more work.

Why having a dentist is so important

In a dental clinic, you can see an expert dentist in Indiranagar who can offer both routine care and in some cases emergency dental care too. If you need a dentist for the family then look for someone who offers services to all ages. If you want to be able to see the same dentists for emergency care ask if they also offer that. Not all regular dental clinics also offer emergency out-of-hour treatment. Sometimes when you are suffering from tooth and gum pain you are going to need a dentist out of normal hours. Having this kind of pain can really impact your life, it is hard to be productive, to stay positive and in extreme cases, it is hard to eat and drink too.

Typical things your dental clinic will offer

A clinic should have respectful and approachable staff, it should be clean and hygienic, and there should be modern equipment so they can do their exams and such to treat you to the highest standards. Some of the more common services people enjoy with a dental clinic in Indiranagar are;

  • Teeth cleaning and examination – removing plaque and checking to see if any treatment is required
  • Replacing and repairing dentures
  • Fillings and replacement fillings – One of the most common procedures since many people have injured or decayed teeth. Composite, gold, ceramic and metal fillings are usual
  • Teeth whitening – Several methods are possible and in-clinic treatment tends to be the more successful option
  • Dental implants – When there are missing teeth a dental implant is a great way to replace the teeth with something very natural looking that performs just as well as your other teeth
  • Teeth straightening/braces/invisible aligners
  • Education for looking after your teeth at home
  • Teeth extractions – If a tooth is not salvageable the dentist will decide to remove it. If it is above the line of the gums them it will need to be released from the socket in the jaw
  • Veneers – Placed over the stained or cracked teeth to hide them and improve their appearance
  • Crowns – A crown is used to restore a tooth that is damaged but is not being pulled out
  • Root cana


With a great dentist in Indiranagar you can expect top dental services in their clinic. Combine that with proper care at home and your teeth will last far longer.

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