By design, it is by far the oldest and simplest musical instrument. It has been introduced to man since the dawn of time. Simply because of its modest design. You simply hit a surface with your hand or a piece of stick to produce a sound. But not just any sound you produce a rhythm through the variations of beats produced by the instrument. But contrary to its design is that it is quite complex to learn. Many people have tried it because they thought that it can be mastered in a short while, but they were proven wrong. If you are a beginner at learning how to play the drums, here are some useful tips and guides for newbies.

Setup your gear

You have to set up your gear. You see learning the drums is just like any other instrument that you are trying to learn you have to own an instrument for you to be able to effectively practice. The downside with drummers is that their gear is too large. Thus in order to be able to practice religiously. You have to set up your instrument and start practicing on it, and be disciplined in your practices. If you think that the instrument is too bulky an electronic drum kit is a smaller version of a common drum set that takes up less space and is also easier to set up.

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Start with the Basics

All learning processes are designed in a hierarchal system. This means that all concepts which are called the basics are found on the bottom part and the more you climb up the learning process the more complex it becomes. The same goes with learning music, especially with drums.

So, you always start with the basics. The more you master the basics the more you will be capable with complex methods and styles. And the more adept you will become with the instrument. Never mind what you see on YouTube, those people are already great, when you are still starting to master the lesson that is in front of you.

Take Lessons

Lastly is that you should take music lessons. So, you can actually learn by yourself through apps or videos that you watch, which is great. But the idea behind learning from someone is that you will be compelled to master the lesson that is given to you because there is an overseer and that is the music teacher.

And also, one downside of learning by yourself. This is that you become paralyzed among the many advice and tutorials that you view on YouTube. It pays to focus on one master and one teacher and the rest can actually follow suit. You can actually find your own rhythm in playing the instrument faster with a teacher.

So, you can take this as a credible guide or just a simple tip from one musician to another the key thing here is that you never let your musical passion die just because you face a formidable obstacle in your learning progress. Learn how to go around those hurdles and become great in the art you pursue.

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