Become A Certified Aged Care Provider In Australia

Aged care providers are responsible for the care of older adults who need extra help with daily living tasks. In Australia, you must be officially accredited by the government to work as an aged care provider, which requires extensive training and education before receiving certification in senior care providing. This guide will walk you through the process of becoming a certified aged care provider in Australia, including qualifications and certificate 3 in aged care training requirements, what you can expect on your certification exam, and how to get started once you’ve been approved as an aged care provider in Australia!

What Is A Certificate 3 In Aged Care?

certificate 3 in aged care is an essential qualification for any Aged Care worker. It represents a set of skills and knowledge that allows you to work in a residential, respite or community aged care facility in Australia. Certification as an Aged Care Worker requires previous experience in aged care services and will enable you to complete a Certificate 3 in Aged Care. This qualification involves both training and on-the-job experience working with elderly people. On successful completion of your Certificate 3 course, you can work towards obtaining your Certificate IV in Aged Care.

Who Qualifies For This Course?

Certificate III in Aged Care is for people who have previously completed their Certificate II qualification and are looking to continue their professional development. This qualification helps you develop skills for more senior roles as a care worker, community support worker or nursing assistant (aged). It will also help you work towards your Diploma qualification, which is required for anyone hoping to work in leadership roles within this industry. If you want to start a career as an aged care worker but haven’t yet had a formal education, this course may be ideal. However, if you already have some work experience within this industry but need to upskill or gain extra training, then this course might be able to fill in any gaps.


Certified Aged Care
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Is An Apprenticeship Right For You?

If you’re keen to work in aged care but don’t have any formal training or qualifications, an apprenticeship might be a good option. Under an internship, you can work and study towards getting your certificate 3 in aged care. This means that while you’re learning on the job, you’ll also get course credits towards completing your qualification. The number of credits you’ll need depends on which course level you choose; however, all courses will qualify students for more than 200 hours of unsupervised practice time—an important step for getting hands-on experience in aged care.

What Can You Do With This Qualification?

Certificate 3 in aged care will provide you with a rewarding career caring for people with aged care needs. This qualification will help you gain employment in aged care homes, private hostels and nursing homes across Australia. The Certificate III in Aged Care prepares you to work as a support worker or allocated staff member under supervision. You can also use this qualification to become an aged care nurse or personal care assistant if you are interested in further study.

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