Baby monitor equipment is becoming increasingly complex

In recent years, a lot has happened, especially in the equipment of baby monitors.nursery purified water review so the baby monitor usually has a large display. This allows you not only to hear your child while sleeping but also to observe it.

Most manufacturers equip their baby monitor with a room temperature sensor and a sensor that measures humidity.

First and foremost, this should make it easier for you to monitor your child’s sleep environment and provide an optimal sleeping climate. Almost by default is the baby monitor with lullaby function. You can usually choose from different songs that you can turn on your child as a sleep aid.

Very practical is also a baby monitor with night light. Many babies and children are afraid of the dark. Here, a small night light can quickly contribute to the relaxation of the situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a baby monitor

If you are still unsure after a baby monitor test whether you really need such a device for your offspring, you should once again consider the general advantages and disadvantages. We summarize these for you once again:


ensures a safe feeling

is transportable and mobile

is available in numerous equipment

easy operation

with many practical function extras

there are baby monitors with intercom functions – so you can talk to your child


large differences in radiation exposure

not all baby monitors have an eco mode

What types of baby monitors are there to choose from?

In order to provide the right baby monitor for all parents, very different types of this device have established themselves on the market. There are several ways in which these can be distinguished.

We do not orient ourselves here on a weight limit for baby swings monitor test but differentiate on the basis of the equipment and general functionality. The special features of the potential baby monitor test winners are summarized in the following table:

Classic baby monitor

the simplest and cheapest variant

Sensitivity can be regulated

Sounds are transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver

is usually suitable for the baby to monitor continuous transmission

A baby monitor with motion detector

in addition to noise, the various movements are also monitored

is offered with a sensor mat

is intended to minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

mostly with camera surveillance

A baby monitor with a smartphone connection

Data is transferred to the smartphone

offers many extras like a baby monitor with app function

impress with a particularly long range

A baby monitor is Wi-Fi capable

Note: More and more parents are now opting for only a baby monitor app, which can be installed on the smartphone if necessary. Compared to a baby monitor, this is much cheaper.

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