Avoiding common mistakes when hiring house renovation contractors

Understandably people are wary about hiring building contractors nowadays with the horror stories you see on TV and hear about from people who did not research their builder before hiring them. When you are looking for house renovation contractors in Freehold NJ there are a few common errors people make that are easier to avoid than you might think. Here are some of them.

Error – Not getting references or not contacting references to check previous work

It seems silly to get the references and then not call them, but a lot of people do that. They assume since names were given, they must be legit. And a lot of people do not ask for references at all. Any contractor not willing to give you references should be avoided. Then with the ones you contact you should ask about their experience, was there anything they were unhappy with, or would they use them again or refer them to others? While you can look online for reviews nowadays too, this step is important and gives you some insight into the builders on your shortlist.

Error – Not checking builders are qualified

There are a lot of people working in the renovation and building industry who actually should not be, they are essentially handypeople, not qualified tradespeople. When looking for a designer home renovation contractor in Freehold NJ you need to make sure they have the skills and qualifications to do this work well.

Error – Just looking for a low quote

Another common mistake people make is being so caught up in getting the lowest quote that you then hire people who are not really qualified to do the work you want to the standards you should expect. House renovation contractors in Freehold NJ should use good quality materials or even better. They should not take shortcuts in order to get the work done. They should keep in touch and communicate clearly and in detail and they should only use workers and sub-contractors who are best qualified for the project. Often when a project is done poorly it ends up having to be re-done anyway which costs even more money. Focus on fair prices for top-quality work.

Error – Not getting it all in writing

It is very important that everything you agree verbally is written down in a contract in detail. That way no one can forget something, get confused, or fail to complete something that was agreed to originally. With a professional designer home renovation contractor in Freehold NJ they should be happy to have a detailed written contract too.


With some research before you start looking you know what to look for and what to do in your hunt for a top local building contractor. While it is still possible for some of the rotten ones to get through the cracks, it is a lot less likely! When you find great contractors you can look forward to home renovations you will love for years to come.




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