Asking The Right Questions Of A Potential Home Builder

A builder is a person your hire to build a home or to handle renovation or extension work on your home. But when you hire builders Gisborne you are really hiring them, their crew, their suppliers and the subcontractors they use. It takes a team of people to carry out the build and people like electricians and plumbers are often hired as subcontractors. It is possible to find builders who have the tradespeople and staff on payroll from start to end, but that is usually much larger businesses. Most are more like general contractors where they hire others for the project when it is for work they and their smaller team cannot do it themselves. This means you need to pay attention to the person in charge as they have a lot to schedule and manage in the process. That is why it makes sense to look for one that is experienced.

Hiring the right builder means asking certain questions

When you look at Gisborne builders the difference between a troubled build and one that goes smoothly and on time can be all down to whether you asked the right questions before you hired them. Here are some of those questions.

  1. How long have you been a builder?
  2. How many houses do you build at the same time?
  3. How many houses do you build each year?
  4. Do you supervise the build in person or does someone like a foreperson do that for you?
  5. If you are not on-site working how often do you visit to see how everything is progressing?
  6. How much of the work is done by people you have hired versus people who you subcontract?
  7. Can you show me a contract you use with those subcontractors?
  8. Can you show me the work you have done previously?
  9. Can you give me a list of subcontractors you will be using?
  10. How long have you been working with each of those subcontractors?
  11. Can you give me a copy of your insurance and a bank reference?
  12. Have any previous homeowners brought suits against you and what was the outcome?
  13. How do you handle a change in the plan?
  14. Are you builders Gisborne that charge for changes other than just in the costs for materials and such?
  15. If there is a mistake will youcome back and fix it free of charge?
  16. What if any, warranty can you offer?


Asking questions is essential to getting a builder who is an expert with experience and is honest and reliable. Not asking the questions and also making sure the answers are honest could lead to the kind of nightmare builds you hear about. Take some time and do this the right way. Then you can find Gisborne builders who you are comfortable with and who you would recommend to others. Any decent builder does not mind the questions and should not get impatient or brush off your queries. If they do walk away and find another.

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