Are Gaming Headsets Worth It? Key Points To Consider

When it comes to gaming, you want to make sure that you are getting the best experience. Hence many gamers prefer using a gaming headset over any other type of headphone. But the question is, are gaming headsets worth it?

Well in a short answer, I would say gaming headsets are definitely something that enhances your overall gaming experience. They do make a huge difference when it comes to competitive gaming as they offer better soundstage.

However, to help you understand better, let me explain the topic briefly below:

4 Reasons To Buy A Gaming Headset

1. Sound Quality

Sound Quality is definitely one of the main factors why many choose a gaming headset. The sound of the gaming headsets is pretty accurate, and it delivers extreme clarity.

As a result, you will get to hear the smallest details in your game sounds. Even the cheapest gaming headset under 30 dollars would offer you extreme clarity in the game sound.

Along with that, they offer you a better soundstage. As a result, you will get to where the sound is coming from. So you can enjoy an edge over your enemies.

2. Microphone

One of the main benefits of gaming headsets is that they do come with a microphone. On the other hand, if you look at a headphone, most of them doesn’t have a built-in microphone.

The microphone is definitely an important feature if you are into multiplayer games. As you will be required to communicate with other players.

Although, many gamers prefer using an external microphone. But a gaming headset with a microphone is much more convenient to use since you will easily be able to mute your microphone when needed.

Like most of gaming, headsets allow you to mute the microphone by flipping it over to your head. And you can unmute the mic by lowing it to your mouth. One such flip to mute example would be the Logitech G335.

3. Blocking of external noises

When you are gaming, you surely don’t want background noise to disturb you. This is where gaming headsets come into play. Most of them offer you great noise isolation. As a result, you wouldn’t get to hear the background noise and enjoy a complete focus on your game.

Most of the gaming headsets come with a noise-canceling feature that uses the microphone to listen to outside noise around you. Then the noises are analyzed and cancels the sound for a better listening experience.

5. Price/cost performance

Unlike other types of headphones like studio headphones, closed-back headphones, gaming headphones are not costly. They are relatively cheaper and offer amazing performance.

Most of budget gaming headphones offer you 7.1 surround sound with clear and crisp audio output. As a result, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good headphones for your needs.

Instead, you can spend anywhere around 30 to 50 dollars to find a good headphone that offers you all the features that you might need.

For instance, you can check out the Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset. This gaming headset is priced around $40 and it offers you 7.1 Surround Sound, 50mm Drivers and it is pretty comfortable for long hours of gaming.

Razer BlackShark V2 X


 So that was the answer to your are gaming headsets worth it question. I hope this has answered why you should be getting a gaming headset. In case if you want to ask anything else, feel free to let me know through the comments.

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