Along with repaying the loan amount, the borrower also has to pay interest to the borrower. The interest is determined by the percentage applied to the amount borrowed, and mortgage rate is the term used to define the percentage.

The lender mostly determines the mortgage rates, and they can either be fixed or fluctuate depending on several conditions. The mortgage rates differ depending on the borrower’s profiles and credit reports. Mortgage rates are extremely significant in the real estate market because they are the first-factor buyers look at before buying a property, and it majorly influences their decision.

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Indicators of mortgage rates


There are several indicators that a property buyer or an agent can study to understand the mortgage rates. One of these indicators is the prime rate. The prime rate is the lowest mortgage rate offered by banks on loans. The banks usually only use excellent rates for interbank lending or borrowing, but they may also give these rates to borrowers with good credit scores. The prime rate is set according to the central bank’s fund rates but is typically 3% to 4% higher. Another indicator that borrowers should study to study the mortgage rates is the 10-year treasury yield. The 10-year Treasury yield is a great indicator because if it rises, then the mortgage rates are bound to increase as well and vice



How to determine a mortgage rate


The lenders put themselves at risk as there is also the chance that the borrower fails to make the repayment. To compensate for the risk, the lenders charge an interest calculated with the mortgage rate. Hence the level of risk also directly influences the mortgage rates. If the borrower has a bad credit score, the lender will likely apply a high mortgage rate. This is done to ensure that the borrower repays the initial amount at an early stage in case they default later on. Hence, the borrower’s credit score is a major determinate of the mortgage rate. Borrowers with a good credit history are usually charged with a lower mortgage rate as they are more trustworthy. 

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How to get good mortgage rates


Try improving your credit score.


As mentioned above, the key determinate of your mortgage rate is your credit score. Your credit score reveals your history of borrowing and repaying; the higher the credit score, the better it is. The first thing that a lender wants to ensure is that their money will be paid back to them. Therefore, the better your credit score, the more willing the lender will be to work with you. You can improve your credit score by repaying any outstanding dues, clearing your credit card balances, and deferring any other loans that you might have been planning on taking. A small difference in your credit score can greatly affect the mortgage rate and the amount payable.


Calculate your debt to income ratio


Another figure lenders are interested in looking at aside from the credit score is the debt to income ratio of the borrower. The debt to income ratio is a calculation of the balance of the current debt of the individual in comparison to their monthly or yearly income. You can calculate this ratio by looking at the borrower’s income levels and employment history.

If you, as a borrower, can show a high income supported with proper proof, then it is likely that you will get a low mortgage rate. Lenders usually calculate the borrower’s debt to income ratio themselves, but it is advised that you find the balance yourself too to know where you stand. There are mainly two formulas used for its

calculation, one is the front end, and the other is referred to as the back end ratio. These formulas first sum up your costs and then divide them by your average income. The lenders do not prefer anything above 28% and are stricter with the mortgage rates and conditions.

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Mortgage rates determine the amount of interest you have to pay on a loan and hence hold immense importance. As a borrower, you should strive to get the lowest mortgage rates possible.

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