An advanced and technological way to grow hair naturally

Pollution is Everywhereand affects the human body inmany ways. Its harmful effects can harm our hair as well as our body.  Ludhiana is known for its industries and catered to industrial business.  These days Hair Loss is becoming a common problem everywhere.  we are not talking about any specific person. But these days it becomes a common problem for everyone. These days hair loss problem is faced by every second person.

 The reason is simple.  Yes, intake of unwanted junk foods and bad lifestyle are v=becomes the common reasons.  Even the no or fewer hydration levels, Pollution, becomes a problem of hair loss. sometimes hair lossis also done genetically. When you don’t have any option and fail with other treatmentsyou can opt for hair transplant surgery. hence to get your hair to grow back naturally,hair transplantation is only the solution.

 These are some methods by which the hair transplant in Ludhiana takes place.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): –

FUT is also known as Strip Surgery,  and it is a common method for hair transplantation. It includes the process of removing a strip of tissue,by which your hair grows naturally. Hence, usually, hair is taken from the back of the head where the density of the hair is high.

The hair follicles are then harvested to generate the hair where the patient is suffering from the hair loss problem.  Hence, from this strip,it is implanted in the bald area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): –

It is an advanced technique and also givesthe best results. The doctor implants hair follicles on the bald part with the help of the FUE technique. The surgery must be carried out with a hair transplantation doctor or only by a professional and experienced hair transplant surgeon. It is recommended for the best and flawless results.

Advantages of the FUE technique

  1. Minimal Pain
  2. Recovery speed is faster
  3. No visible scars

The basic cost of hair transplantation technique.

Hair transplant cost depends upon the various factors on which we take the treatment. It generally includes the clinic, doctor, technique, and the no. of grafts required to cover on patient’s head. The grafts needed to fill up the bald areaare mainly taken into consideration for the cost. If the bald area is significant, then it takes a day to cover the process. For excess bald areas, the treatment costs you even higher. This cost will includeseveral grafts as well as all other expenses. It also includes other expenses like OT charges, surgeon fees, consumables, and medicines used in surgery.  It is recommended to you can visit the doctor and the doctor will consult about the treatment to optfor and the total cost.

 The surgeon will tell you about the final cost of your operation.   After consulting with the doctor you can take offer services ranging from basic PRP to advanced techniques. Yes, you can choose FUT and FUE.The number of grafts and the level of usually depends on the cost. The more top the price will be,the higher your head will need grafts.

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