The summer brings us warm sunrays that are getting stronger every day because of climate change. We wear caps, full clothes, and sunblock outdoors to avoid these hot sun rays. While inside our houses, we use several methods to avoid the sun’s warmth. It includes drinking cold water and using air coolers and air conditioners. The air coolers and air conditioners use different methods to cool the air.

Air conditioning works based on phase reversal. As the name indicates, the phase reversal is converting the matter from one phase to another; for example, the conversion of liquid matter changes to a gas. This conversion of liquid to gas absorbs heat which results in cooling. This method of air conditioning is used to cool off buildings.

Air conditioner working:

After working outdoors in the roasting heat for all the necessary things that should be done. Only one thought keeps us going, and it will be fantastic once you get home. Because our air conditioning system will be working and cooling our rooms. Air conditioning use phase reversal. Air conditioning cools your room by using vapor compression and absorption. It happens through various refrigeration cycles. It consists of the following component:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve
  • Refrigerants

These components involve cooling your room off; the evaporator collects all the warm air from a room. It acts as a heat exchanger coil. The liquid absorbs heat from the room and converts itself into gas. Refrigerant gases do this. These refrigerant gases consist of HFCs or CFCs. Next comes the Compressor, outside of the house; it compresses the refrigerant gasses. The Condenser converts gas back into the liquid and expels the heat outside. The expansion valve controls the amount of refrigerant moving toward the evaporator.

Ac condenser fan motor can be broken down and can be replaced. Few signs will tell you if the Ac condensor fan motor is broken. This includes a cooling fan that would not turn on or blades running slowly, rattling noise, burning smell, or a blown a fuse. The Ac condenser fan motor replacement is essential. If it is left unsolved, it will result in ac conditioner compressor failure, which will cost more. If the ac blower motor is broken, it can also result in the fan would not work or stop, rattling and humming signs, and no cold airflow. The average life span of the ac blower motor is 12 years. If you’re ac blower motor is broken, ac blower motor replacement is necessary. Otherwise, it will result in the worst. The ac blower motor replacement costs almost $250 to $800.


Ac is one of the best devices to cool our rooms in summer; the phase reversal process takes out hot air and brings in the cool air. If your ac is broken, it needs instant attention, as ignoring it will result in something that will cost you more than what it initially cost you. So, replacing the ac parts are vital for its proper working.

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