After Electric Car, Rolls-Royce Electric Airplane, Top Speed ​​482 Kmph

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Not only is the automobile sector in the world, where companies are constantly researching modern technologies, but the aviation sector has also made a lot of progress in this direction. You must have seen electric cars or electric two-wheelers running on the roads, but have you seen electric aircraft? If not, you should check out the electric aircraft produced by luxury car maker Rolls-Royce. Even the company has completed the first successful journey of its all-electric aircraft.

Rolls Royce has named this all-electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation. The company has also made the first successful flight of this aircraft. This flight was of 15 minutes and with this the company has made it clear that the time is not far to see electric planes flying in the air. According to Rolls-Royce, the main focus of testing will be on the electrical and propulsion systems of the spirit of innovation.

Spirit of Innovation is a single seat aircraft. The company says that it has the most powerful battery pack ever compared to any aircraft. The aircraft is powered by a 6000 cell battery pack and an electric motor capable of generating about 500 hp of power. Rolls-Royce has said that this aircraft can fly at a top speed of 300 miles per hour (about 483 kilometers per hour).

Let us tell you that Rolls-Royce has partnered with a company named Tecnam to develop Air Taxi. Rolls-Royce and airframer Tecnum are currently working with Scandinavia’s largest regional airline, Widerøe, to deliver an all-electric passenger aircraft for the commuter market, which is planned to be ready for revenue service in 2026. Is.

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