People have so much expectations from their small kids and they forget that they are mere kids. To fulfil their all-expectations parents and guardians are pushing their kids into a very strict daily routine of learning and studying. Parents often adopt authoritarian type of parenting which as per their perception is the best style of parenting because in this way students and kids remain in the disciplinary code of conduct and become very good students. And this concept is completely wrong. I said such a weird thing because this is a bitter truth that in this way parents usually create a robot instead of an obedient child. LMS of many educational institutions also suggests tutors to make parents understand about this. Doesn’t matter kids are having many innovative tools like LMS portal but in such type of authoritarian nurturing child loses his/her capability to take his/her own decisions and always seek guidance from either parents or from any other elder because while nurturing nobody gave paid attention towards their emotions and only imposed their own experiences and knowledge in the name of teaching. Authoritarian parenting is not bad but there should be some soft corner also for the children because we are raising our kids not dragons which need strict discipline so that nobody can be harmed. These days such a parenting style is attracting people a lot which is known as Gentle Parenting and it is a part of authoritarian parenting too. It is a kind of parenting which focuses on raising the kids in a compassionate way with emotional support and by making them understand their disciplinary boundaries clearly. Here there is no space for punitive actions against kids for their mischief instead making them understand politely.

Gentle parenting is a method of parenting which is far away from scolding and punitive actions towards kids just like LMS which manages the learning of students with complete responsibility.. Gentle parenting is a kind of bond where both parents and children understand and respect each other. Here everything is crystal clear like its name that parents are not allowed in this parenting to be robust or rude towards children due to their any mischief or carelessness. It is also known as Collaborative Parenting where parents never force their children against their will to study anything by scolding or by punishing their children. Under gentle parenting parents make their children anything they wish to teach them using two tools: connection or bond and communication because the basic principle of gentle parenting is to make the kids understand anything with the help of a polite and clear chat. There are various benefits of gentle parenting just like the LMS portal helps the students. With gentle parenting children and students learn that any situation can be solved with a polite and calm chat, students can enjoy their own life’s underset limits, they can trust people, listen to them and they can make the world listen to them also.

Gentle parenting always has the effect of the first word in its name. It is found in many studies that gentle parenting decreases levels of anxiety and stress in both- parents and children. It is so, because trust of parents on the child makes them relax that the child will listen to them and as the child has never seen his/her parents in robust and rude manner so he or she follows the parents happily. Who doesn’t like to be loved? Gentle parenting creates a very high trust level between the kid and parents where if someone else comes and makes a fake complaint against the child then parents know their nurturing, hence they will never ever trust some stranger against their own nurturing. Similarly, a child also keeps trust in parents that they will never listen to such fake accusations as they believe in him/her. Instead of scolding and holding the kids grounded for their mischief in any social event it is better for the parents to set an example in front of the kids by behaving well themselves. Children imitate what they see happening around them in their home. So, it is better for the parents to show & teach their kids about social skills lovingly only. Gentle parenting is such a way of nurturing that children will follow all the educational ways of learning taught by parents and children will never disobey their parents assuming them as their mentors for lifetime. This bond of trust can be achieved by gentle parenting only.


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