Add Character To A Room With An Area Rug

Area rugs are a great thing to add to your home whether you live in a larger residence or something smaller. They come in different sizes, colours and styles such as oriental, contemporary, Persian, braided and floral, and that means there is a rug out there for every room in every home! When you visit rug shops Melbourne or head to a great online option you can find a rug that adds style, acts as an accent or a focal point and creates an unforgettable look. Choose something that matches your decor and suits your own personality.

Tips for modern rugs

For rugs & modern rugs Melbourne you tend to find them with simple shapes, sharp lines and geometric patterns. Colours can be neutral so that they are used as a background for other things in the room, modern art, lamps, and furniture, or they might complement the room and add interest. Modern rugs tend to be more simple in design but can be bold in colour if you want them to be. You can go from a one-colour rug to something that is in itself a modern work of art. Modern does not mean cold though. They can add warmth and comfort and vibrancy to a room, whether it is in a home setting or even a business one. Some modern rugs can blend well with a different style of room but in general, they work best in a contemporary space.

Choosing a bathroom area rug

When you think about the bathroom you might just think about those three pieces traditional bathroom sets that might just add a bit of colour but move around and do not have a lot of love or thought put into them. Depending on the size of your bathroom you need to think about where the rug can go, and make the move away from those old sets into something more suitable. Look at rug shops Melbourne and just make sure you get something that can handle the moisture, has a rubber backing so there is no slipping and can be washed more often.

Some artistic guidance

Here are some general ‘rules’ or pieces of advice when you are looking for rugs & modern rugs Melbourne.

  • If you have a lot going on in your couch or curtains have a rug that is more solid or has a very minimal pattern otherwise there is too much and it all clashes.
  • If you have a painted scheme in colours on your walls you can use your rugs to carry that through keeping them in complementary solid colours.
  • When a room has more than one use or there is a change from one room to another consider using rugs to help transition the change.
  • Where you have a great floor that you don’t want to hide completely, choose a smaller rug so you can see that floor as a border around the rug. Choosing softer hues is also a good way to enhance the floor.

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