A Brief Overview of the Cartier Santos Watch

The Santos watch was designed and created by Dominique Perrin. It was launched in 1978 in the Musee de l’Air in Paris, the same museum that is home to the Demoiselles airplane. The watch was an immediate hit and became a must-have for many people. The Santos was made of stainless steel and quickly gained popularity and was available in many European and American cities. This is a brief overview of the Santos watch’s history and design.

Cartier Santos

Cartier is a very famous brand that produces and sells accessories in different models and styles like Cartier Santos. The brand draws attention especially with its women’s and men’s watches. There are almost many different styles and models in Cartier men’s watches. It is possible to find watches in many categories such as classic style men’s watches, sports style men’s watches and stylish men’s watches. Especially classic style watches are often preferred and like by men.

The Cartier Santos model is also among the classic-style men’s watches. The model is also produced in both leather and metal straps. On the other hand, depending on the materials used in the production of the model, the watch is suitable for both sports and elegant styles. With its Cartier Santos look, it is among the most striking watch collections of the brand.

Cartier Santos Model Prices

Cartier has a price range for almost every budget in both women’s and men’s accessories. The most demanded products of the brand are watches. Prices vary from model to model. There are many different factors that affect the price of watches. There are many factors depending on the material used during production, workmanship, material quality and model. The Cartier Santos model can be produced from different materials and have price differences within itself. But in general, thanks to its affordable prices, the brand is often preferred by many people to buy gifts, especially on special occasions.

On the other hand, people can also shop through the Entropia’s online store. The Entropia’s online store page includes both original jewelry and original watch models categories like Cartier and Panerai. People can easily shop from https://www.entropia.club/en/santos-women/ by comparing prices through these categories. In addition, the brand, which offers fast and easy payment options, always considers customer satisfaction as a priority.

Art Deco style

The Santos watch has a long history. The company launched a new version of this watch in 2018 and introduced new patent-pending technologies. These new designs included a SmartLink system that lets you easily remove any bracelet link without the need for a professional. The system consists of a small button on the back of the bracelet link that pops out the pin holding it in place. The result is an art deco-inspired wristwatch that is easy to adjust yourself.

Square bezel

The Square bezel is a trademark of the Santos de Cartier collection. This new line of luxury watches takes its design cue from the architecture of Paris. The square shape of the case is combined with eight visible screws give it a contemporary look. The dial features elegant Roman numerals. The case and strap are both sleek and comfortable, allowing the watch to flow naturally from your wrist.

Leather strap

The Cartier Santos is a classic wristwatch, 29mm by 41mm. Like the Presidential bracelet, the Santos demands power, and its grey dial demands respect. This watch is the perfect companion for a man in the power. Among its many features, it is easy to distinguish by its slender case and elegant leather strap. A stylish and functional timepiece, the Santos is both beautiful and dependable.

Skeletonized construction

If you’ve always admired the simplicity of the Cartier Santos Skeleton, you’ll find a new appreciation for this classic design. The skeletonized construction of this watch allows you to see the inner workings of the movement without having to take it apart. The case features a vertically brushed top surface with a skeletonized construction. The bracelet provides a secure closure for comfortable wear.

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